Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Retirement Bernie

go and wish teach mary the queen of ruby tuesday a very happy christmas!

this sunday evening after the gospel meeting our niece rachel had a "surprise" retirement party for her uncle bernie
surprise...ha! mom is definitely not the word in the golden family. happy secrets cannot be kept and well, you must know that mom golden has always been bernie's mom golden too and so the story goes...he read between the lines...no indeed!.. MOM is not the word.
in fact this anniversary cake was picked up by betty and bernie and the little red car a day BEFORE the celebrations!
talk about reading between the lines!

here, bernie cuts off a big slice of cake for our friend doug, and bernie is certainly not stingy!
seeing as it is ruby tuesday, i decided to leave on my ruby hat for the occasion.
i seem to look very tired and the reason is that i AM!
that bernie has been a ball of fire since he has retired and i think it will be hard to keep up with him!

here are our friends doug and leona, good friends who the golden family adopted several years ago and here is our rachel with her arm around uncle bernie.

i think that this retirement busness might just be for the birds...bernie and the little red car found out that walmart was opened for twenty four hours and if you are wondering why it is so late that i am posting my ruby tuesday, well it is because at one a.m. the two of them forced me to go shopping!!..and the only thing bernie bought was the 2010 car calender that walmart puts out every year and he bought it for the little red car!...nuthin' for me!

and believe me...it was NOT a pretty sight!

happy ruby tuesday to our pied piper, mary t the teach and to all her followers and all our other blogger friends...every last one of them..... god bless you...love terry

ps... my grandpaw ron...have you still got the jar of "jobs for bernie to do"? i would appreciate it if you would send it to me if you remember where you buried it....!!!


jel said...

happy retirement Berine,

you can throw that old alarm clock away! :)

Sweet T, that is a purty hat!

take care

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, I love retirement myself. Hope Bernie enjoys being retired.

My Ruby Tuesday is "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag"...HERE is the Permalink

luna miranda said...

shopping at 1 am?! oh my, looks like Bernie is making up for lost shopping time.:p good luck to you.:p

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Bernie’s now retired,
but that doesn’t mean he’s tired—
he’s still on the go!

My Ruby Tuesday

Felisol said...

Give my very best to Bernie. Poor Gunnar will not get such a great cake.
I'd better not show him the picture. I will not like him to feel neglected.
I also hope Bernie now will have to to do something about his shoulder. Pronto.
From Felisol
hurrying to lay the coffee table

grandpaw said...

Hey My Friend Bernie,

Congratulations on Retirement ! I have already heard awhile back from a mean ole Canadian Lady that she has been writing a book of Jobs for you and now She wants me to take the blame ?

I got a friend " Judge Judy " and if you need any help on things like being overworked ~ afternoon naps ~ wanting things done yesterday instead of today ~ I think you know what I'm talking about ~~~ Excessive abuse ~~ just let me or Judge Judy know and we'll catch your back ?

I envy your retirement because you have still got good mobility at least to out run Terry when you need to !

Blessings to You and Terry and me and the girls are sending a bucket of genuine Love and Prayers from South Georgia to ya'll and Grandpa and Mom Golden !

Wishing ya'll the bestest Christmas and Happy New Year !
grandpaw ron.

Marice said...

aww thats great and i know he'll have a great time now that he's retired! cool! love your shot on that red car :) hugs!

u may view mine here

Trish said...

Happy retirement Bernie...enjoy being a man of leisure! And please let our beloved Miss Terry have a little rest now and then.

Lauren-Mary said...

Happy retirement Bernie!
That cake sure looks good- made me hungry, and it's only 10am!
Terry, you look great in the red hat!!


PEA said...

Woohoo, happy retirement to Bernie:-) He certainly looks and sounds like he's going to enjoy this retirement business and do everything he's always wanted to do but never had time for...including going to WalMart after midnight! lol Love it!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, dear Terry and may all your dreams come true during this magical season! xoxo

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy retirement to Bernie! Now you can visit Walmart any time of the day or night you desire. :) Better get rested..I'm afraid you may wear yourself out keeping up with the new retiree. :)

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
It looks like a fun time was had by all at the not-surprise party!

I wish you a blessed Christmas, with plenty of light and angels singing!

Mrs. Mac said...

Happpppppy Retirement Dear Bernie :) :) You deserve some time off now, for a little while at least .. now take my advice and don't let that gal pal of your fill up your days with a long, long, honey-do list ;) Take a little time to do what YOU want to do.

Blessings to you.

Cathy/Mrs. Mac

Jim said...

Terry, your life will never be the same now that Bernie has retired. Did you have any warning?

When he was working you got up early with him and by ten had all your chores done. The rest could be social.
Now when you get up, later, yes, he won't go away for you to do your chores. You will be lucky to get them all done before your bedtime.
Anyway, Bernie should be retired, everyone should be at a decent age before they are to old to enjoy more leisure.