Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruby Red Fancy Macdonald's
go and see the mary the teach who created ruby red tuesday!

after a week stay in my beloved manitoba, it was time for the little red car to drive us further west towards calgary, alberta where we were to visit with bernie's brother and sister-in-law.
moose jaw, sask is a day's trip to calgary and so this is where we stopped.
very interesting sites in this prairie province city.
the ancient buildings have so much character to them!
the little red car advised me to snap a picture of a girl who was wearing a ruby red jacket and standing beside a ruby red fire hydrant and who was facing a ruby red stop light!
alas! even though there are many antique buildings still in moose jaw,
progress has had several of them demolished.
when bernie and i were last in moose jaw several years ago moderation wasn't the way. moosejaw was an old town with old ways and the only fast food restaurants were a and w and kentucky fried chicken.
there was no walmart and none of the fancy electronic stores!

but time rushes on and here we found a macdonalds right on the main drag! here the little red car has its back turned on the captain.

for sure and what an interesting macdonald's!
the back entrance and the drive-thru were more or less plain and simple.
but just take you a look at the side view of this unique macdonald's!

what a fun place they have put up for the children to play in and what a sound proof place they have put up for the children to play in and shout as loud as they like!

yet ANOTHER fantastic thing about this macs....if you click on this picture to make it bigger, you can see the name of the streets that macdonald's is built on.

macdonald and main!
well here we are at a moose jaw campsite for a rest and then on west the next day for calgary, alberta and bernie's family....the brother that bernie didn't meet until he was thirty-three years old..

happy ruby tuesday you all and god bless terry


Mrs. Mac said...

Great Ruby Mickey D's ... you probably already know that MD's playhouse would make a great place for the little ones to have some warm fun during the winter time when it's snowing outside, eh? ;)

Terry said... is way too early for you to be thinking about putting on that idaho snow queen crown.
for shame!!
tell you want snow in bc when you go there for a canadian thanksgiving?
for sure and you surely don't!
love terry

Unknown said...

i enjoyed each photo. thanks for showing us around.

Hootin' Anni said...

33 years old? Wow....lots of 'catching up to do' back then, to be sure.

MY R. T. is now posted...scroll down from my Tuesday's Heads or Tails post....

Amrita said...

Hi Terry,it was great talking to Bernie and you on Skype, its just that my Internet kept snapping.

You really have an eye for Ruby things.

Love the buildings and Mac signs.
Good to read about all the hapy times you had.

Red Riding Hood is one smart car.

Constance said...

What a fun road trip! My grand=daughter would LOVE that McD's!

We went through Calgary in 2007 on our way from Glacier NP up to Banff and Jasper. I would have like to have stopped at that Buffalo Jump, Head Smashed In Heritage site for Native Americans but alas, I was with Dave and he is a no nonsense traveler!

Next September we are flying into Calgary and renting a car for 2 weeks and going back to Banff and Jasper since the Canadian Rockies are breathtaking!

Felisol said...

Cool wild west city with the birthplace of Al Capone!
The old houses and the smiling young lady in red make a charming couple.
Mac Donald's is red, but not that attractive to me, about the only thing in America I'm not a fan of. Yet we do have two mac's here in our little town too.
Bernie seems to have enjoyed driving threw half the continent. Always so smiling and gentle.
Give him my best.
From Felisol

Miranda said...

Great shots! Wave hello to me when you're in Calgary ;). Have a safe trip?

Jeanette said...

Hi Terry! I popped over to visit and just love your blog! I have not had a chance to do much looking yet, but I hope to come often.

You should have seen my BROAD grin when I read about all that Southern Gospel in your profile!! You are my kinda girl!

See you later...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Seems like a place that
could be everyone’s hometown—
city of Moose Jaw.

My Ruby Tuesday

Crown of Beauty said...

Loved the red McDonald pictures, you in red, and the shiny red car...

Will have to come back though to look at the pictures again.

Just wanted to drop you a quick comment to tell you I appreciate your visits.

Yes, do come back and read my last post. Towards the end I shared how my daughter Obedient One was held up at gunpoint by a man on a motorcycle.

Please continue to pray for our country too...too much devastation...