Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Roses For A Ruby Tuesday

mary t

today bernie and i set out to search for roses.
welland is known as the rose city but i must say that they are really hard to find so far this year.
this lovely bush was found just in the neighbours back yard.
i snapped this picture of bernie as he gazed at it

two can play at that game...bernie insists on taking my picture...and at that moment where bernie snapped my picture made me to feel one of them.

down the street we see that the rose is no respecter of houses.
while our next door neighbour had diligently worked on his work of beauty, and produced his lavish rose bush, this house which has been empty for some time is just bursting with red roses in its front lawn!
in amongst the long grass and the weeds they are flaunting their ruby red beauty for all the world to see and filling the spring air with their sweet perfume.

even though we had plenty of rain last week, these roses along the parkway seem to be wilting in the dry ground.
the little red car insisted on our taking its picture to add a lot more red to the sad sight of these famishing roses and i must say that it worked!

being as it was flag day a few days ago in the united states, i figured i could add a little more red if i put in these veranda plants with their waving canadian and american flags.

this red breasted robin wants a piece of the action.
he came by for a drink of cool water and posed for this picture

well even though these snap dragons are bright yellow and even though the little red car said it was a crazy idea to be including them in this ruby tuesday post, i had thought them so pretty as bernie and i passed them along the country road, that we stopped and took their picture.
after all little red car, who is the boss of this whole operation anyway, eh?

happy ruby tuesday everyone and blessings to our beloved teach who created this special photo day for her friends......God bless you terry


srp said...

Here my roses have bloomed once and I've cut them back to try and keep them blooming all summer. I must get to the rose garden at the botanical gardens.. they are in full bloom this year... a little late here as well.

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Your Ruby Tuesday is full of cheer and beautiful roses. Have a lovely Ruby Tuesday. :)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Red roses are wonderful, the wonderful lady in the middle;the apex.
Credits to Bernie for catching you that well.
I'd like the little, empty house where the roses are blooming.
Did you sing that son in Sunday School about "The lovely garden where roses stand in bloom."

I agree with the little bossy car, yellow flowers just shouldn't be ignored on a Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol

Suburban Girl said...

So many lovely glimpses captured in red...and yellow!

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, what a lovely post! You found all the roses in the neighborhood, the little red car, yellow snapdragons (which are very welcome in your RT post) and the Canadian and American flags! Yea! Good job, Terry! :)

Dianne said...

beautiful photos

you look lovely with the rose in your hand

Crown of Beauty said...

I just love red roses!

My Ernie used to sing that song about getting some red roses for a blue lady! Somehow I remember that tune today as I read your post - it so gladdened my heart, dear Terry.

And I just loved the picture of you in there with the roses! That's the winner!

Happy Red Roses Ruby Tuesday!

Jim said...

Hi Terry, happy RT to you!!
You and Bernie sure did find some pretty roses. Did you ever rustle any antique ones? You do that at abandoned homesites, they survive even though the people have moved on.
P.S. Adi is finding the red for me this week. Well, I found a picture of Karen who is VERY EXPECTING. July 31 or a couple of weeks earlier is her date!

Amrita said...

Wonderful - lavish pictures.

Best being Bernie and you.
Couldn 't you have plucked the lonely roses and brought them ho ve if the owners were not there. In India no one would mind but I don 't know about Canada...maybe the cops would catch you.Ha...ha!

Mrs. Mac said...

I think you are a good ambassador, Miss Terry. You are a good neighbor with the USA. The rose is one of my favorite flowers, especially the wild and neglected ones that don't need much fuss from man. Hugs from a happy gardener.

Trish said...

As always, Miss Terry your Ruby Tuesday Post is filled with lovely red filled photo's...Beautiful Roses!
p.s. thank you for displaying the American flag!!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, they are beautiful red roses to lift up one's spirit. You seem to be enjoying this time of the year. The robin and the yellow flowers just added a sparkle of joy to the pictures. Thanks for the ruby post. God bless you always.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

beautiful red photos! Great job.

Saija said...

those are great pics ...

my little rose bush has started up again, even though i cropped it too short this year! the peonies are towering over it! hopefully i will get roses again soon ...

blessings on ya!

lena broughton said...

i love your blog especially the roses i love roses. The yard and the porch area look great that is a nice pic of u holding the roses and the one of uncle bernie looking into the roses. There should be flowers everywhere they make me feel better about the world those and birds