Tuesday, May 12, 2009

granite stone on a ruby tuesday


last sunday grampa yade told us a very good story,
now usually grampa yade is a story teller to the children, but this time he had his heart set on teaching the adults a very good lesson.
this is gramma and grampa yade in this picture.
i put them here with one of welland's landmark bridges because gramma and grampa have lived here in welland for many, many years.

now grampa yade always starts off his stories with a bible verse and this is what he read to us from the book of psalms;
Psalm 144:12
That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

"hmm.."i wondered ...what is that grampa going to tell us"?
well i can't remember his exact words of course, but here is the gist of what he said,
"this week i was visiting mr and mrs. k and we went for a nice walk along the canal, [which is in the k's back yard, almost!]
as i was admiring the beauty of the day looking up at the hydro lines and then looking down at the ground, i spotted a little stone. i knelt down and picked the little stone up.
it was not a pretty stone at all, just a rough piece of granite, but there seemed to be something special about it.
well i just popped that stone into my pocket and took it home.
when i was in my basement, i took the stone from the safety of my pocket and looked at it very thoroughly.
i turned it around and around.
i washed that stone in soap and water and dried it off.
then i ground that stone with my grinder , dusted it off again and then you know what i did?
well i took my saw and i cut that rough granite stone right in half!
oh i could not help but notice all the pretty red tints inside that stone, just the color of ruby!
this color reminds me of the precious blood of jesus..the blood that washes all the sin from our hearts.
well as this was a stone with such hidden beauties on the inside, i just had to take my polisher and give that rock a good polishing on the outside and behold, from that rough piece of granite, picked up from a dirty ground, here in my hand i held a beautiful stone.
i glued the finished and now precious stone on to a sea shell.
now a sea shell is from the ocean and it reminds me of the ocean of god's love.
and now, if any of you would like to see this finished stone, you will have to come and see mrs. k after"..and then grampa yade went over to where mrs. k was sitting and gave her his gift.
" now brothers and sisters," grampa yade continued, "the lord jesus stooped down and picked us up where we were lying in sin and he put us into the safety of his hands and we are just like that rough stone... he has picked us up and he has washed us clean and he is grinding off the rough edges, and polishing us and making us into works of beauty and this is how he is going to present us to god the father!
clean and shining and without a spot! just like a precious jewel!"
1 Peter 2:5
Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

here in frances k's hand is the finished stone that grampa yade had glued on to a sea shell.
you can see the red glints from the inside of the stones and you can see the lovely shades of pink on the sea shell

here is joe and frances k.
frances is holding the sea shell and she is one happy lady who had tears of joy in her eyes when grampa yade gave her that stone...or i mean two stones! frances is wearing a delicate reddish hat that ma mere has made and her bible case is red, so i guess this picture is all right for a ruby red tusesday.
i had to take this picture of her and her husband and i just felt so compelled to put them into my ruby tuesday post...

thank you so much dear teach, mary t. that you give us so much freedom to post whatever we want in your ruby tuesday creation...you are the best!....love terry


oma aka meme said...

what a lovely blog tonight- stories and verses and pictures and blessings- thank you with hugs - Meme

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Terry, what a lovely lovely post, so special with the story, and the suspense. I could hardly wait to get to the end of the story, cause I knew that your ruby tuesday picture was surely gonna be there waiting till the end!

I really appreciate your posts, dear terry.

ron said...

Morning Terry,

Thanks for sharing God's Love with us ! It blessed me very much . I thank God everyday for His messengers that show His Love in many diferent ways? I appreciate Grampa Yade's beautiful story ! God talks to us in many things that He made in His beautiful creation ! When I think of His beautiful creation that surrounds us each day it always makes my heart grow in His love !

May God's Blessings continue and grow in your Heart !

Grandpaw Ron.

Constance said...

All creation cries out and declares that he is Lord and He alone is worthy!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are a stream from whom there's running living water.
From Felisol

Trish said...

What a beautiful lesson Terry! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Terry,
THank you for visiting my ruby tuesday post. Your comment was such a delight to my heart. So warm and sincere. You are like a sister to me. I kept laughing about what you wrote regarding my dog sammy. You are so right about your perception of her: she does act "like she's the queen of the castle, and patches is the dirty rascal."

You can see a picture of Patches on my blog post entitled Summer Break at


Look for the photo of the two of them somewhere in the middle of the post.


audrey` said...

I love the flowers in the background of your blog, Terry =) The ribbons are very lovely too.

Amrita said...

What a precious story and the photos too.

Grandpa Yade has a gift of encouragement and teaching. I 'm sure you can 't count the lives a saint like him has affected over the years.

People like these are the pillars of the church. Praise God for their lives and example.

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