Tuesday, May 05, 2009

pink tulip trees on a sunny at last! ruby tuesday

mary t...the teach

on a bright sunny day this week, bernie and i and the little red car set out on a search for some red flowers, which indeed are really hard to find this cold spring!.
much to our delight we spotted this tree full of pink blossoms down lincoln street!

now this tree was dressed in such a thin dress and even though i did snap a picture of it, we decided we would have to continue to look for one that had a little more style!
taking this picture was no loss though because on niagara street, which is one of the oldest streets in welland there are such classy old houses!

now this was more like it!
on fitch street we found this glorious blossoming tree and although it is a bit on the dark side, the photo doesn't look too bad.

and this was MORE than more like it.
this lovely amply dressed tree is standing beside a red bricked house that has ruby shutters!
how can you beat this house on parkdale and this large pink bouquet for a nice ruby tuesday picture!

now i will tell you the name of this tree.
ever since the golden kids were little, they always called it a tulip tree because don't you think that the flowers look like great big tulips that have decided to escape the ground and fly into a high tree.....lots more fun to abiding with the birds and living so close to the sun?!
the real name of this tree is a magnolia tree.

have a great ruby tuesday mary t and all of your ruby tuesdayers!!!................love terry

Psalm 96:12
Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice


Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for dropping by my place again. I love your comments, they are so personal and warm!

This picture that you posted is beautiful! Are they cherry blossoms?

There was a beautiful cherry blossoms tree outside our flat in Chiang Mai Thailand. In fact, I have posted a picture of it in the sidebar of my blog.

Have a great evening ahead of you!

Terry said...

dear crown of beauty...our cherry trees are still hibernating, but this beautiful tulip[magnolia tree] is now in full bloom. these trees only last a couple of weeks.
crown of beauty, i love coming to your blog and every time i leave, i am thinking to myself just like the disciples used to say, "it is good for us to be here!"[matt 17:4]...love terry

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful picture of my magnolia tree, complete with the ruby red shutters. I am new to the area and have been admiring the charm of the neighbourhood, never expecting I would be part of it.

Don't leave home without your camera!!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

What lovely magnolia trees. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

oma aka meme said...

I have never seen a tree like that and it is beautiful- Meme lives in Canada too but Alberta is my home- it is cool her tonight- brrr but not snowing-- thank you for your comments and maybe in time I will join in the scraf--for now - just learning to be a widow and leaning on the Lord- but at a later date- thank you for asking me - and canadian hugs- Meme

Terry said...

anonymous...do you live in my town?
is it true that i took a picture of your house?
oh! i do hope that you don't think i was spying!
how did you find this blog|
aw... you must be pulling my leg!
i NEVER leave home without my camera!
shucks!...am i in trouble?
anyway, anon, welcome to the mary t's ruby tuesday post.....love terry

Felisol said...

Oh my dear Terry,
what have you done?
outed a fellow citizen?
I presume that within not too many days you will become the best of friends.
To me magnolia tree is as romantic and poetic as it can be.
Don't you remember the film, I think it was Greta Garbo, in the Magnolia Queen?
Magnolia is a tree not suited for our Nordic climate, and I therefore consider it to be exotic and of course a beauty among trees.
I hardly can imagine that your town is flowing over by such belles.
Lucky you. Lucky me knowing you.
Hugs from Felisol

Amrita said...

Wow Terry, these scenes i only seen in magazines and read about in book.

Very pretty indeed.

Your new shoes are spunky with the socks.

audrey` said...

Wow Terry! The flowers are so beautiful =)

Terry said...

ha felsiol!..i took one line out of the post, after i read your comment about the magnolia tree!

amrita...those are the teach's shoes and striped stockings!
with her sore foot, i think she had to put the fancy dancin' shoes away!

thanks audrey..the flowers on your profile are nice too!

meme, i understand your feelings..i will have to read more of your blog.

now i am off to meet karen who likes those tulip tree sand she is a georgia girl at that.........love terry

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

YES....I live in your town, and the house really is mine. I figured you were a hobby photographer and taking advantage of a lovely sunny morning.

I came across your blog when I googled "Magnolia trees on Niagara Street"......I am amazed at their beauty.....and your site came up.

I think it time I get a real identity so we are no longer strangers.....and NO....I did not think you were spying on me....I admired your passion for the beauty of nature.

maryt/theteach said...

Love all the pix, Terry! Did you notice the Canadian flag in your second shot (with RED maple leaf...) The magnolias were beautiful around here when they bloomed. Amazing the house with the RED shutters...Happy Ruby Tuesday, dear friend! :)

Terry said...

hey my beloved teach..
i think anon should just create herself a blog and call it " little lady of the red shutters",eh?
is it ever a small world!...love terry

thanks for noticing the flag...right on!

Terry said...

hey mary t..i went to look at the red flag and when i made the picture larger, i noticed the tree reflecting on the front door window.
hmmm.....maybe i should just make the red shuttered brick house larger and see if there is a little lady peaking out from some window...........love terry