Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ruby tuesday starring bernie and his phone camera

Mary, our beloved teacher is looking all over the place for spring!

this morning bernie wanted to try out his new phone camera.
as the warmer weather is approaching, he has realized that his "winter" camera is too big to carry inside his pocket so he has elected to use a phone camera.
after all hasn't he seen what a great job felisol does with hers?
anyway, in the restaurant today , bernie got a good shot of the fifty's style booths and the blakc and white tiled floors.alas that the heinz ketchup was in a plastic bottle!

we were on our way to mom goldens ,as she was having a little problem with her new lap top.
bernie thought he was pretty smart when he took this picture of the red fire alarm just inside the door

he tried to snap a picture of the red exit sign down the long hallway but other than the nice rosy reflection on the shiny floor, the exit sign was almost a no show.

i just love this picture he took of a cushion that was bought for mom golden many years ago. she certainly is one special mom. gramma and great gramma!

for sure and there were no spring flowers to be had, so bernie's only option of a flower photo was this plastic pink rose.
there was a little too much light, so i put a pretty little frame around the picture.

oh we could not resist this shot of some of mom golden's hats. beside the ruby reds, mom golden has hats that are every colour of the rainbow!

well it was finally time for bernie to get down to work, so i decided to shoot a few pictures.
this one of mom golden and bernie is so cute.
these two have always been close and in fact, mom golden met bernie long before i did!

gracey is trying out the lap top but it is sad to say that because it is defected, bernie and i will have to return it tomorrow to future shop.
and poor mom golden had only got the chance to write one email letter and that was to donna..

here sits the queen of the castle, herself, mom golden in front of of wall of her little rascals!....pictures of all her kinfolk.
does it not look like she is anxiously waiting for the lap top to come wednesday afternoon....i am thinking that!

merry and happy ruby tuesday.............love terry


Greyscale Territory said...

These photos are just wonderful! They stir the warm and fuzzy feelings!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
The best things about cell phone cams; they are always there and they don't take up any space.

I did not have time for commenting yesterday. We went on this long hike and afterward I was finished for the day.
Bernie is a good photographer and so are you.
I liked the report from the café,
the clean sculptured red seats against all that black and white.
Mom Golden looks better than ever.
Her hat collection is marvelous.
I'd like to see her wearing the wonderful red hat.
As always it's a pleasure to be a guest in The Golden's home.
So cosy and welcoming.
I hope that lap top is fixed real soon.
Even more I hope your "machinery" is working well.
Didn't like the sound of you being so tired.
Did the doc not treat you well?
Please let me know.
I do care.
From Felisol

Constance said...

The pictures on the wall remind me of going to my great Grandmother's house, Granny Lizzie. She had pics everywhere. Come to think of it, so do I! Must be where I got it from! How are you feeling these days?

Amrita said...

Nice to go along to Mom Golden 's for the trip.

Wow she is really computer savvy, using a lap top and all. Love her hats.

Dianne said...

lovely series of photos! the cell phone takes great pics

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, isn't it amazing that Mom Golden is on a laptop. I could never get my mother-in-law to try one. I hope you get it fixed or replaced quickly! Bernie's shots are great and it sure will be easier to carry around. I love the shot of me at the top of your post that you decorated with a lovely frame. :)

Trish said...

As always your Ruby Tuesday photo's are very entertaining.
Love the Red booths at the restaurant, Mom Golden's hats and the fire alarm...that Bernie is a clever fellow!
Did Mom Golden get her lap top back?
Love you,

Nancy said...

I love the picture of Mom Golden anxiously waiting for her lap top ;). I love the fifty style restaurant with the red, black and white all around...it reminds me of when I was a little girl!!

byhisgracealone said...

When Mom Golden gets her laptop back, she will have an email from me...

I worked hauling dirt and preparing gardens yesterday so was too tired to comment...but

love all the photos

hugs donna

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm only three days late to comment. It's so nice to be invited to Mom Golden's place with you and Bernie. She must be mighty anxious to get her laptop back ... has she been patient ?;) She's got a whole wall full of love in the form of family photos. Does she let you borrow any of the great hats??? (I bet not :)

Thanks for sharing a slice of life from the Golden's home.


Saija said...

such a fun post ... great pics! hope you are feeling stronger now ... (hugs)

Jada's Gigi said...

Cute pics Terri..love they way you wind the story around them. :)

Crown of Beauty said...

beautiful pics again, terry. I so enjoyed looking at each one, and it made me smile to think of Bernie now also hooked on Ruby Tuesday. I wanted to do another post, but I forgot to bring my camera with me last Sunday when my daughter and I went out for lunch after church.

Mom Golden looks really queenly in her castle, doesn't she? and all those hats and pictures on the walls! How Bernie must love her.

Terry, I thank you for visiting my blog and reading the posts... and your comments which so delight my heart. You are so honest with your comments, thank you again.

I did visit your friend Diane last night, and thank you for directing me to her blog.

Visit again sometime, and yes, do look at my Ruby Tuesday pics. They are mostly red signs, an idea I got from your previous Ruby Tuesday post.

Have a great day ahead of you.