Monday, April 27, 2009

ruby tuesday for daniel our new friend

mary t.

last saturday, bernie and i went to niagara falls to purchase a machine called "the wooden musical centre".
my sister, gracey had purchased one a while back and said that it is a really good machine.
what it does is allow a person to make a cd, from old vinyl records and cassettes.
as we have hundreds of records and cassettes, bernie thought that this would be a good idea.
oh, it would save so much space and make for a neater house!
i had made the mistake of letting him see connies's perfectly organized home and now he wants the same thing.
after all, he says cds are much easier to store than those big records and all those cassettes....hundreds of them!
well, when we brought our treasure home, we discovered that the turn-table would not rotate.
i called the tech support.
bernie had already gone to work and so it was up to me to find out what we were doing wrong.
the young man i talked to was very nice and tried to help.
it turned out that the machine was defective and he suggested we return and exchange it for another one.
in the meantime, we struck up a friendship and the next day when he phoned to see how we had made out, bernie was very happy to talk to him.
he is from our amitra's country.... india.
his name is daniel.
just a young lad of 25 who is extremely kind and respectful to older people ...amrita

this is the wooden musical centre.
i thought that the red wood would go good for ruby tuesday.
we decorated it with the canadian flag
actually it is a nice piece of furniture.
daniel is so knowledgeable.
the wooden musical centre company is based in new york.

isn't this so pretty?
bernie was turning this record into a cd.

here is bernie, sitting right proud with the job he had done, making the cd.
we took these wooden musical centre pictures for daniel and we emailed them to him.

i must say that the lord blessed us with a new friend, who we never would have met if the first centre hadn't of been a lemon!
god surely made that lemon into a refreshing jug of lemonade!

have a happy ruby tuesday,
i hope that our beloved teach, mary t. does not faint with surprise that for once i am early and not my usual late on my ruby tuesday post.
that pace maker must be kicking in and giving me more energy.
who knows but by next ruby tuesday, i will be doing cart wheels already..
god bless terry

guess who sells the wooden musical!


nature ramblings said...

Great story about the "unit". You were lucky to get such wonderful help and service. Usually you get a big hassel when trying to return something. I love the color. I used to have tons of LPs but sold them all and switched to CDs. They didn't have the unit available when I did this. I miss all the great old songs from my LPs. Thanks for sharing your story and have a great day.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
what a clever invention, the unit. We don't have one, and Gunnar is spending hour after hour, day after day trying to save our old cassettes.
The LPs are stored away, in a chest. You are so right about the place they require.
Red wood sure is classy. we don't have that either here.
An Indian neighbor we do have, working in an engineer/computer tech company.
Do you know, I also think of Amrita when I see him.
I am far to shy to say hello though.
Maybe I'll try the advice i always give my daughter; give him a smile.
Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday!
From Felisol

Terry said...

we didn't give daniel a smile felisol because we were on the phone, but it sure was nice meeting him.
he was brought up in a christian school, as a child and he is is fluently spoken in few languages.
he has a bible but said he had never read it, so i gave him a chapter in mark to read and so he did.
oh that dear amrita felisol...she is so faithful in bringing the gospel to her people and i am so glad when she gives us a report over at the pilgrim pals!
oh the unit solves so many problems felisol.
you just put the record or cassette on and the blank cd and push easy
hope you are not getting too tired my terry

jel said...

that is so cool!

audrey` said...

Thank you so much for telling us about the special unit, Terry =) It's so useful.

Amrita said...

Wow this a great gadget to have. In India one get something which can turn videos and tapes into Cds. But I don' t have one.I am sure they have the record things too.

Glad you had a good experience with this Indian young man.Most Indian kids grow up this way.

Dianne said...

it's a lovely piece of furniture and I love the idea of saving all the albums

I still have a turntable

MyMaracas said...

The unit, huh? It's a fascinating contraption. It looks like nostalgia and science-fiction rolled into one. AND it's red! Great entry for Ruby Tuesday.

Constance said...

I have seen those! My Hub still loves listening to his vinyl on the old turntable. Me, I would just as soon do as you are doing and then get rid of it! You gave me a chuckle by mentioning my organizational "skills". I've been able to keep those cabinets organized but it's not been very long. Clutter in this house with my pack-rattin' husband is a never ending battle!

Rick said...

Thank you Terry for visiting my blog and for becoming a follower. I'm always honored when someone cares enough to come back to my little corner of the web.

The question about your records is that once you get them made into CD's will you have the courage to get rid of the old records?

I'm trying to transfer our video tapes to DVD, but can't quite figure out the machine.

Jada's Gigi said...

How cool is that!?! I think I could use one myself. And such a blessing you were to young Daniel. He was blessed by the Lord to meet you even if he doesn't know it. What a nice ruby Tuesday.
I'll have to be sure my hubby never sees connie's organized household! Lol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, looks and sounds like you are doing better still, going to Niagra and all. I do see some 'no capitals' though.

Mrs. Jim and I are in Paris and will be gone until May 7th. Guess you had been missing us.

I have a few old records and have a computer turntable on order. I need your nice machine (one like it).

Happy Ruby Tuesday,

Bluebirdy said...

Hi Terry;
Thank you for your prayers. I am in Alberta!! You accidentally posted on MY blog, thinking you were posting on Mel's blog, but lately EVERY mistake and delay has turned out to be for a Godly reason...for example, finding you again. I left some comments for you a long time ago but lost your blog. I am also Amrita's friend. It's so funny that I think I am meeting a new person from a new circle of friends, and then it turns out to be an extension of my circle of friends that I have already.
Your Canuck sister in the gospel,

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maryt/theteach said...

That is a beautiful piece of furniture, Terry, as well as a very useful piece of technology! It does look expensive though! I hope you're enjoying your new CDs. I laughed hysterically at your comment over at my blog about me waving my cane at the McD's manager and what prison food taste's like these days! LOL! Thanks for commenting Terry and being a dear friend. Hugs for the weekend! :)