Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buried Treasure On A Beautiful Ruby Tuesday


Mary T

A few days ago I found a cookie shaped ruby red treasure chest buried under our couch and this is just one of hundreds of pictures that I found.

This is a picture of Betty and me.
She has always been a loving big sister to me.
And she still is!
Fifty-seven years after this picture was taken[no doubt by the Browney camera that Mom and Dad USED to own], Betty is taking me into the hospital where I will be fitted with a pace maker.

Now this is one short Ruby Tuesday Teach Mary T, but Betty and John and Matthew will be here in fifteen minutes to pick me up!
I will have to finish this Ruby Tuesday NEXT week!


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

How adorable and priceless is this photo of you and sis! Thanks for sharing.....come on over to see my Treasure Chest Tuesday give-a-way! Love your red treasure chest! God Bless you today....In Him. Luanne

Tink *~*~* said...

I have a similar photo of me and my big brother sitting in the grass. Must have been the thing to do back in the day - I think ours was probably 46-46 years ago.

Best of luck with your medical procedure!

Tink *~*~*
Yet More Disney Characters Who Wear RED

Felisol said...

Dear terry,
what a priceless treasure.
I'm praying that your pacemaker is safely installed by now.
You're in my thoughts all the time.
From felisol

Constance said...

You know all of scarf sistas are holding you up in prayer today!
Love ya Gal!

Pat said...

What a pricless picture!
I've been praying for you and last night before I went to sleep I just keep bringing your name before the throne of God. I know that God is with you and you'll be fine soon.
I send my love!

Dianne said...

2 beautiful little girls!!
that is a treasure chest

hope all is well

Trish said...

So good to hear from our sister Donna that you did well. I Praise
God for His hand on you today!

Vicki said...

Terry, I hope you're sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams by now. So blessed to hear you did well in surgery today. Can't wait to hear from you, but rest well, dear friend. I'll be checking on you. ♥

Amrita said...

Those are the prettiest gals I 've seen this week.

Heard your surgery went well. Praising God for that. Love, aMRITA

Mrs. Mac said...

Hoping you are going to be back soon after you rest a spell. You have people and sisters all over the world praying for your recovery.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I pray for your successful operation to put a pacemaker in your heart. God will cover you in eagle's wings and will put His mantle of protection over you. Nothing will harm you. God bless you always my friend.

Ron. said...

Hi M-O-C-L ,

[Mean ole Canadian Lady]

I give thanks that every thing went very good ! I sure didn't want to lose you and Bernie cause I would surely miss you being mean and I wouldn't want Judge Judy's hard work trying to keep you straight to be in vain ? We'uns is doing ok down hear just about where we could drown some worms fishing by the side of the road ?

Blessings now I can take this rope tied to my little pinkie about a month ago to remind me to pray for you off now .
Grandpaw Ron.

donna said...

so glad you are home and resting...


Constance said...

Just popping over today to let you know I am thinking of you and looking forward to your return!

Jim said...

These are a couple of pretty girls. Hope the pacemaker went well. I'll check for news on the PP site.

Trish said...

So glad that your home and resting! God is Awesome! And I know that your wonderful Bernie is taking good
care of you.

Trish said...

That should read you're...spelled it wrong!!!

Nellie said...

Hi Terry ~ As usual, I'm a little bit behind on blog reading. Gosh, I want you to know that my prayers are with you always and I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner.

That picture of you and your sister is so wonderful! You both are lucky to have each other.

You're certainly a very special blogging friend.

Love and best wishes.

maryt/theteach said...

But Terry, it is such a sentimental, feel-good post. Thank you for posting it on Ruby Tuesday! You two are adorable!

Also thank you for your thoughtful comment about the killings in Bignhamton. My nephew exopressed how he wished he was finished with his EMT training so he could have been there to help those people... He's a good man and an ex-Marine too! :)

Corry said...

What a lovely picture and what a great treasure you found.

God blesses everywhere, anywhere and any time, huh?! :-)

Have a very blessed weekend.

God's Grace.