Friday, February 06, 2009

Southern Ontario Winter For Barb

I am sending these pictures to Barb and her Circle of Five
What we have here is another Mrs. Mac who loves the winter and the ice.
Now Mrs. Mac sent me this cold snow and ice, so I can't hurt her feelings and return it to the Idaho Snow Queen, could I, eh?
Soooooo.. I got me to thinking.
I will send it to Barb and be done with it!
Oh, and Barb, you can just email that Bernie back to Canada any old time!

Brrr, eh Barb?.....Love Terry


jel said...

is right!

Felisol said...

Cool,real coooool.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry ,

Wish I hadn't visited your blog now ? All that ice and snow scared ole Arthur and all his kinfolks into panic and frenzy hunting their longhandles and over coats ? They jumping from one joint to another not even paying me no mind ?

Thanks for the reminder that if I was to get a chance to get up that way to visit in summer time. Its been 20 years since we had snow down here ?

grandpaw ron.

Nellie said...

Thanks, Terry, for your great snow photos! I like the snow as long as I don't have to shovel or be out on bad roads.

But... enough already! I'm ready for spring. I guess you could say I have 'cabin fever'.

Thanks also, for all your nice comments on my blog. I know I'm behind on posting, but I have been making daily trips around blogger-land to keep track of all the nice people like you.

I apologize for saying "shame on you for not listening to the President's speach. You see, I'm in the minority in 'my circle' and I wanted to make a point because I heard so many negative remarks.

Unfortunately, those who should pay attention, just don't seem to get it.

I'm so glad to know that you care.
We sure do need change and he has a tough road to haul. I have faith!

I love that you're my friend and that you care.

I'll be back to blogging soon. See you 'there'!


Terry said...

Ha! Jel...You probably have plenty of sunshine down your way, you and that Grandpaw Ron!
And Bernie calls him Santa Clause! He should be able to take a little cold, eh?
Grandpaw Ron don't let these pictures bother you.
Tomorrow we are supposed to be having a heat wave.
40 degrees and rain. Maybe our pipes will unthaw, eh?

Felisol..not cool at all!! Just plain freezing!

Ha Barb!... Join the club!. I am so far behind in commenting it isn't even funny.
Of course we should not be saying bad things about President Obama.
After all he is being protected by God and so shall we pray that he will try and do the right things for the great country of America!!
Nice to have you as friend too Barb and thanks to Mary T, we have met so many nice people...Love Terry

Jim said...


This is your place. Besides there isn't any red car in the driveway.

Real cold stuff like this isn't apt to get Bernie back from Pennslyvania. Or is it a cyber visit like Adi and Amber take?

I looked up your poet, thank you.
BTW, your brother lives 76 miles north of where my sister lives, in Center Point, Iowa, just north of Cedar Rapids.
and it is in the 70's here this week,
'and it isn't even spring.'

Anonymous said...

Those icicles are so pretty!! And where is Bernie's hat?!!


Thanks for the email!

jel said...

the last of the ice and snow have melted here :)

bring on the spring

maryt/theteach said...

Bwahahahaha! Barb, really hates the cold, Terry! But you know that! I have little tiny icicles that I posted for Shadow Shot Sunday. Your shots put mine to shame! :)

Constance said...

WOW! Do you know we went to bed last night and slept with one of our windows open? How wild is that?

audrey` said...

It's cold, very cold...
Take care, Terry =)

A Wild Thing said...

Hi terry, yes that was for you on the Traveling Scarf, I wasn't sure which to comment on, but I did check out this blog too and marvelled at the icicles. After yesterdays 60+ degrees, I have no snow left in my is glorious! We are supposed to get rain for the next few days and more 60's, but I don't like to see it this early. The country roads are a nightmare when the frost goes out this early.

I don't know how you guys live that far North, I don't think I could manage, especially after living in Florida for 3 years, I miss it there a bunch.

But my true love is Iowa and living in my lil' pink shack. A single and struggling artist/antique dealer, this economy has made living in the North very difficult for retail, but we are managing with our heads just above water, waiting for the spring thaw when sales will pick up. I also started my dog grooming biz back up after an 11 year retirement, but I do it out of my home, so this recluse never has to leave home...much.

Good to talk to you, hopefully you'll get some warmer weather too.


Saija said...

and such artistic snow shots too! :o) ...

i hear that i may get my wish for "melting & mud" ... they are forecasting rain for tomorrow - can you believe it? rain in february? in manitoba? how ODD!


Amrita said...

Oh my goodness those iciles look really sharp.