Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A White Ruby Tuesday In New York


Our Teach, Mary T.is not home but she has left us a Ruby Tuesday post and requests your visit.
She will be very busy this Friday when she turns on her computer!

This Ruby Tuesday is indeed a white one but the Teach and her Vinny have deserted us Ruby Tuesdayers to run after the golden sun. If they are heading to Florida to find the sunshine, I think they will surely have a hard time catching it. I was talking to a friend who is down there vacationing and SHE told me that the temperature was only 50 degrees....Brr...

Do you mean Mary T, that you and your sweetheart left this lovely white New York for Florida?

In the meantime here is what I and MY sweetheart are facing this freezing Ruby Tuesday;

Here leaning against the veranda is our over worked, ruby colored snow shovel.
Beside it you can see a thick icicle that has fallen from the eavesdrop and landed into the snow bank below.
If you click on to the picture, you can see it better.

Bernie has shovelled a path to the bird feeder.I wonder why the birds have been avoiding that bird bath.
Usually, Bernie clears the snow off of it so that the sparrows can have a wee skate once in a while, but it has been soooo cold!

Yes, and also in the meantime, the water pipes are frozen solid and our little laundry room has been rendered useless.We have to go to the Laundromat now!
Bernie doesn't mind though except that the price of washing the clothes comes off of his twenty dollar a week allowance. I guess it is time to give him a five dollar raise but we are going through financial hard times [not really!], so I will give him a two buck raise and that is it!

Thirty-seven years almost, the poor guy has been doing the laundry!

The little red car sits frozen solid!

I hope that this sad account has made the Teach feel a little guilty.
Not fair, that while we are all freezing, she is getting sun burned somewhere down south....a ruby red sun tan at that!

Happy freezing white Ruby Tuesday everyone....God bless you all!.....Love Terry


Maggie Ann said...

I'm back! I don't know what the Ruby Tuesday means..but your 'ruby' colored snow shovel is delightful! Good thinking....=) I'm so sorry to hear your water pipes are frozen up and your sweetheart has to go to the laundromat though. Love his allowance.. Thanks again for the BDay post. I brought my hubby in here to see the singing cat and didn't realize there was that beautiful card & cake and more kitties. Loved it all, what fun! Thanks again Terry, you've made this birthday extra special.

Terry said...

Yes Maggie-Anne
Those singing kitties are so cute and I know how you just love cats!
Did you tell me once that you are allergic to them?...I can't remember.
I know Mrs. Mac is.
I am glad you liked your birthday card. Saija said you would...Love Terry

Trish said...

Happy Freezing Cold Day to you!
Love the red snow shovel against the snowy white background!
Stay Warm!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
sorry about the frozen water pipes.
Bernie seems to take it with a warm smile. He is a cool guy.
His wife a cool hearted reporter, cutting back on his allowance.
He's working over time, that means more money, not less.
I think you must be the hardest editor north of tthe border.
One could say you are working triple too; journalist, photographer and director.
And you do it well!
In two months we'll await spring.
Hope you do the same.
From Felisol

audrey` said...

Hi Terry

I love your red shovel =)

Anonymous said...

Morning Terry,

I like them words in the first of your post when you said Me and My Sweetheart ! Its about time you give The man a little more respect ? You might better give Him a $5.00 raise before He goes on strike ?

grandpaw ron.

Amrita said...

Oh that is so cold. My sister 's door bell got frozen.

Can 't imagine how cold it must be.

Wishing you lots of warmth and sunshine

This week i did not do a Ruby photo too.

Amber said...

wow !! look at all that snow!! i LOVE LOVE the SNOW!! Im hoping for at least ONE more good Round of snow here! we got ICE and then some snow yesterday!!

Pia K said...

Oh I wouldn't mind some sun, although I'd be happy with sun and plenty of snow this time of the year. The icicles one the veranda look kind of scary and sorry about those frozen pipes, that must be tough indeed.

Your Bernie doesn't seem too troubled by the laundrette business, but for all that hard work he just might deserve a treat at a cosy café? Since I gather he's not all that interested in fancy hair care products and such;)

Saija said...

doesn't the red just show up even more, in the white white snow!!!! and i see by the news that you are getting MORE of that white stuff! keep that shovel handy and that little red car off of the 401!


Jada's Gigi said...

I don't envy you one bit with all that snow and frozen pipes!...however I don't really want Florida just now either...still too cold for any fun. I just can do a swimsuit in 50 degrees...:)

Mrs. Mac said...

Gosh, Miss Terry, giving Bernie a two buck raise is mighty wide of you ;) He might get used to it once the pipes unfreeze and start pocketing the extra money!

Your array of white ruby tuesday pics is lovely ... especially all the snow. You know how much I LOVE snow! I'm addicted to it :)

I'm in Paradise now (no, not heaven) ... just visiting my folks in the sunny town of Paradise. They would welcome the snow here. It's been so dry in this area way too long. But it is almost seventy degrees F ... a nice enough temp.


maryt/theteach said...

Hi Terry I'm back from warm, sunny Florida! It was in the 80s with a lovely breeze each day! Got some sun and swam in the pool. Visited the Everglades too! I love your Ruby Tuesday post and the photo with me in it... Ha! Lots of snow up your way. I wish I could have bottled some of the sun and sea and send it your way. Well now I'm back and it's cold and overcast - ah well. God Bless that wonderful guy, Bernie! :)

maryt/theteach said...

P.S. Great video of NYC in the snow in the old days! I loved it! :)

donna said...

I love snow...this is such a cool post....and I love your red shovel....I would have loved to see Bernie in a red shirt though....he needs to dress appropriately for these ruby tuesday shots...:) :) I mean $2.00 goes a long ways !!:)

love and hugs

Jim said...

You did a nice RT here, Terry. I do like your red snow shovel! I am wondering if that could be due to your very skillful photo editing. It could be doctored up via computer.
Hopy your RT was Happy,

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Terry, I got a beautiful surprise when I got up this morning and found your comment on my blog. Thank you!
I was delighted in fact...and so happy that we could connect through the comment I left for Felisol. Without our faith, death would be so horribly final, frightening and ugly. We are blessed by knowing Him.

I did not know that about my name, thank you for the information and that you took the time to look it up.

You RT photos are gorgeous, so much snow and you live in New York? It looks like outside of the city. How close to do you live to NY?

Looking froward to more contact and Ruby Tuesdays.

Eaton. :)