Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Memory Of Eleanor

One year ago today, Miss Patty and Sara said so long to their beloved Mom and Gramma for the last time on this earth.
Of course she was with Jesus on Nov 27th but her dear family said their farewells as they committed her to the Lord at her funeral
Although it was a sad time, they rejoiced at the fact that they will meet her again in heaven. What a blessed hope!
Eleanor is singing with the saints dear Miss Patty and Sara.....And we remember Terry


Amrita said...

I remember that Elenor was such precious lady, got to know her through Sara and Pat. And our dear Arlene too.

These are our shining jewels in heaven, my aunt Sybil too.

This song i sang at my Pastor 's memorial service when I was 15 years old.There was not a dry eye in church.

Pastor Benjamin Buys was a Dutch man from South Africa.My father who was a young man at that time was his care-giver when he was bed-ridden and ill.

Pat said...

Oh my Terry, what a moment I had when I open your post! Yes, I had tears in my eyes, tears of loss and well as tears of joy. Mom is with all those who have gone before us...just like Amrita said, they are our shining jewels in heaven.
Thank you for being such a precious friend and remembering my Mom's passing. You are loved.

Sara said...

oh Miss Terry, you are so precious. thank you.

Maggie Ann said...

Hello Terry! What a special tribute to your friend passed on to glory. Such a bitter sweet time for those of us left here to abide by faith for a while longer. love, Maggie