Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandpaw Ron We Are Praying For You

Letter from amazing grace man RRBJ

Hello Everybody,

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes . Things have been gloomy the last few days ! I feel pretty rough and don’t know whether to run away or try to climb a tree at times ?

I will try to post tomorrow on my two long time friends ? Index finger and its cousin the thumb ? Seems strange cause they been with me all my life , I hope my toes don’t get to lonely cause I cain’t scratch them now ?


Dear Grandpaw Ron, He still has you in His Hands...


Felisol said...

For sure God has Ron and grandson Cole in his hands. God has not forsaken them till this day. Will continue to pray.

passing-thru said...

Hold on Ron --

The Lord will Bless U and yours

getting older for all of us will not be easy I think ------

Amrita said...

Feel so sorry for you Ron, Get well soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Felesol--Passing-thru--Amrita ,

Hello to you to Terry, My right thumb narrowly escaped amputation ? I will recommend that it ain't a bad idea to train your left hand to take over when your right hand lets you down ?

You know that all your life if you are right handed that every time you set down to eat every time your right elbow bends your mouth flies open ? I'll have to say with my left hand my mouth has been disappointed several times !!

The pain is slowly going away and thanks be to our Master I'll be back close to being normal in a few more days ? Now if I can just convince my brain that part of my finger is gone I'll be good to go ! Two or three sharp pains wake me up in the middle of night shooting down into my finger sharp enough to wake you !

Another thought I will leave you with , when they amputated my index finger that they just put a nerve block on my hand , but I was able to stay awake but they wouldn't let me watch ? I could hear when they cranked up the saw and I could hear someone say that that didn't take long ?

Wed when they split my thumb they put a nerve block on my thumb and I got to watch the whole thing ? Very interesting ain't it ? I asked him if He had ever did this before and knew what He was doing . He just laughed ?

Thanks for all your prayers and love ya'll have shown ! It humbles my heart !

grandpaw Ron.

audrey` said...

Praying for Grandpaw Ron =)