Sunday, July 06, 2008

To Mrs. Mac's Soldier Son

Dear Mrs. Mac

Ever since reading your comment I have been thinking about this song that I am now dedicating to your son.

I will have to say "To be continued!"
Have to pick up kids for Sunday School....Love Terry


Well Mrs. Mac, it must seem strange to you why I picked this video, so let me explain it to you.

Do you remember almost two years ago when your soldier son was home on leave and he wanted to obey His Lord and be baptised?

Well it was a great day of rejoicing not only for the Mac Family but to your Christian Blogger friends.

It was so nice, that I have copied and pasted your post.

Oh! I will be forever grateful to Passing-thru for teaching me this "skill"!

Mrs. Mac's Post
Saturday, December 16, 2006

Heaven's Rejoicing ... And Mama's Happy

"Tonight my dear son, Patrick, got baptized at church. We're pretty excited about his decision and pray the Good Lord will keep a close eye on him as he travels with the military and beyond. This mama is sleeping well tonight."


Terry said...
Dear Mrs. Mac...Heaven IS rejoicing!And I know that Mama is happy but I just bet there were a few tears of happiness in her eyes!!...Love Terry
Pat said...
I'm starting my morning with tears running down my cheeks. I rejoice with you. psI love the name Patrick!
Margie said...
AMEN! May God watch over your precious boy!
Maggie Ann said...
How precious!
Janet Rubin said...
What a beautiful thing! God bless him. My husband was baptized three summers ago after he got saved. There's just something really special about that. Last year I went to Israel and got baptized a second time (I figured it was kinda like renewing my vows) in the Jordan. That was wild!
David Warren Fisher said...
Mrs. Mac:You must have been thrilled! Thanks for your visits to my blogs!Have a wonderful day...enjoying Him!David/The Pilgrim
Mrs. Darling said...
How very precious!
Willena said...
You are truly blessed, Mrs. Mac... much cause for rejoicing! You and I share the same maiden name, but did I ever tell you I have a brother named Patrick? :-)
Northeast Iowa Mom said...
Wow! I haven't checked your blog since forever. Well, before the wedding, anyway. Great pictures, and this is the best news of all. I remember that young man when he was a very long skinny kid. :o)
gramma_s said...
I'm very happy for you. There is nothing makes a mother happier than knowing her children walk with God.

Gramma s is so right Mrs. Mac.. And the Lord agrees with her..

3 John 1:4I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Now do you see why I kept thinking of this song Mrs. Mac as far as your precious soldier son is concerned?

You see, Patrick has not only pledged allegiance to his flag and to his country, he has forever pledged allegiance to His God.

God bless him and keep him safe and bring home safely whenever his service is done!

God bless him and keep him and bring him Home safely or until the Lord does come to take us ALL Home where his service will NEVER be done!........Love Terry

PS I am sure that my Felisol and that Indian Princess Amrita and Mr. Jim and even more would have been here in the comments but that is before we knew them.!

Oh vanish the thought that there was ever a time we DIDN'T know them, eh?


Anonymous said...

The ever thoughtful Terry --
Not only in word do U preach the gospel but surely in deed --
Nice post for your friend indeed --


passing-thru said...

Terry -- opened a blog site in here as passing-thru ----- I would rather "comment" on blog sites like yours or pilgrim pals rather than maintain a blog site --will post occassionaly I guess but would "still" rather comment on other blog sites -- lol
Just passing-thru :-)

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
This is just wondeful news and I i will gladly be reading your posts and I know of a whole lot of others that will be glad you have a blog site.
I am so happy!....Love Terry

donna said...

Dear Passing-thru...I commented on your new blog before I commented here....I was a bit overcome with so exciting.... you can still comment on other blog sites....LOL....

Terry this is such an awesome post for Mrs.Mac....I pray it blesses her...


passing-thru said...

Thanks Donna and Terry ---
still -------- would rather "just comment" we will see just how much I maintain a blog --- lol

Mrs. Mac said...

Well, bless my day! Miss Terry, this is so very beautiful ... and such a reminder as Soldier Boy's mother! I will somehow send him an email with a link so he can see your good thoughts. No greater joy than for a mother to witness their child(ren) come to Christ. Thank you for the blessing. Hugs from the North Woods.

Anonymous said...


audrey` said...

This is a very touching post =)