Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everybody Needs Their Mama For Amrita

My sister Betty sent this over to me and I just couldn't resist but to put it in!
It is so cute and so nice!!.....................Love Terry

PS I am dedicating this video to Amrita because she loves her Mom so much and she is caring for her so lovingly....


passing-thru said...

A good caring daughter U are , Amrita --
Blessings on U --

Terry said...

Yes she is Passing-thru!
More than once her mama has fallen in the last while and if Amrita doesn't catch her, she surely does pick her up and look after her!
You are a good daughter Amrita and a good niece to your aunts and uncles and a good cousin to Prem!...Love Terry

Amrita said...

You are too sveetTerry. I don 't derseve this.

I am just doing vot my mama did ven i vas small...took care of me.

The song is lovely.
Thank you so much Terry dear heart.

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, she is a dear daughter, friend, helper ... and you, Terry are a good friend too ... thanks for sharing the very cute moosie video and song.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you and Amrita are premium daughters both of you.
God bless you & your families.
From Felisol

Little Montreal Girl said...

Mrs. Shirkie, who sings this song? I love it! It's a country song you know....and I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!!

Little Montreal Girl said...
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Laura said...

Ohh TErry, what a nice video to post for Amrita! This video is too the mama moose took her little twins to an amusement park of sorts.

Little Montreal Girl...this song is 'When you say nothing at all', sung by Allison Krause

audrey` said...

You're so nice, Terry =)