Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Saviour Died For Me

I saw One hanging on a tree,
In agony and blood,
Who fixed His languid eyes on me,
As near His cross I stood.
O, can it be upon a tree
The Saviour died for me?
My soul is thrilled,
My heart is filled
To think He died for me!

Sure, never to my latest breath,
Can I forget that look;
It seemed to charge me with His death,
Though not a word He spoke....
O can it be upon a tree.
The Saviour died for me?
My soul is thrilled,
My heart is filled.
To think He died for me!

My conscience felt and owned the guilt,
And plunged me in despair,
I saw my sins His blood had spilt,
And helped to nail Him there.
O, can it be upon a tree,
The Saviour died for me?
My soul is thrilled,
My heart is filled,
To think He died for me!

A second look He gave, which said,
I freely all forgive;
This blood is for thy ransom paid;
I die that thou mayst live.”
O, can it be, upon a tree,
The Saviour died for me?
My soul is thrilled,
My heart is filled
To think He died for me!


Bill said...

Hi Terry.Its really good to hear from you again. Judy and I want to Thank You for your kindness and concern, she is doing pretty good so far and taking it day by day right now she is over the half way mark, only 2 more sessions of Chemo.
How are things going with you lately?
I have been reading your blog and I have to say I really enjoy reading all your postings. So long for now and please take care. God Bless

passing-thru said...

Saying hi to my friend Terry

Terry said...

Boy Oh boy!!
Two spottings of Passing Thru within just a few minutes! hip hip horray!!!

Dear Bill... Judy will always be in my prayers along with Minerva!!...Terry

Maggie Ann said...

Amen, another wonderful hymn, full of truth!

Jim said...

I like that song, Terry.

They are playing the tune over at this link, but not singing the words (they are in the picture):
Thanks to Felisol, now I'm praying for Mom Golden too.
I don't read the PP's very often so I didn't know.

David said...

i am working so much on my construction, and massage, that I have almost no time for blogging. (sad face)
i did see your nice comment at Minerva's. Let us pray together for her family.

Terry said...

Thanks for stopping by David, my friend.
I will try and come to see you later on today.
Yes Minerva has become very special to me just as Pilot-dad and Heather and Arlene and Bill's finacee Judy have.
This cancer business is such a sad thing and I feel privileged that we can pray for these dear ones and know that God is surely answering our prayers..Thanks David...Love Terry

I, too am way behind in visiting my othe blogging friends.
I am going to try and get caught up this weekend!!

Amber said...

hello there Terry! I hadn't flew over your way for awhile and thought I would today. Hope you're doing ok, that picture of that dog, in your post below is really pretty! I posted some new pictures of our latest addtion to our family! :) It has been getting cold here, but i LOVE it b/c i know the snow is going to come sometime, and we can start the fireplace!!
well I hope you have a good day!! until later...Amber

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
if have forgotten how to enter Pilgrim Pals on my own, and it's 3 o'clock in the morning here in Norway.
Just after I had shut down everything and prepared to go to bed, I went down to the prayer room and then up again like a rocket.
Will you please send him my best congratulations and give him that great big bear hug he deserves.
Tell him I love him!
Tell him so does Jesus.
Yours Felisol