Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary To The Macs!

Last week, I heard a whole lot of singing coming from Mrs. Mac's and foolishly I just ignored it, until just yesterday I decided to check and see what all the commotion had been and lo and behold there I found our very own singing telegram man, Jim singing the anniversary waltz for Mrs. Mac and her Mr.
Sooooooooo........if you don't mind a belated anniversary wish you guys , here it is!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Love Bernie and Terry


Mrs. Mac said...

Lo and behold ... Miss Terry is a stirring ;) ... I'm just barely recovered from my company and here I find such a nice anniversary wish from my dear Canadian friend. BTW, my visitor (Irene) is one of your fellow countrywomen. Originally from Toronto ... now living in the warm welcoming state that Mr. Jim is from. I've been a wee tired and trying to catch up on my sleep. Baby Jacob is such a sweetie and is this grandma's delight! Hope to post again soon. Hugs & much love,
(I need to write you an email letter).

Unknown said...

Hi Terry, Thanks for your comment I am so glad you liked my post.
I see you have been busy with family I think that is just great to have those special days to remember. I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and please take care. Bill

David Edward said...

you are very kind to remember all these good folks

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Terry. I know, it isn't YOUR Thanksgiving up there, it is in October, isn't it? (We were there in the Eastern Townships one year.)
BTW, BP has a few new chapters published now.