Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Morning!..... Good Morning!!

When I am not lifting pictures from Saija's or Ron's or Jel's or Jim's or Pilgrim David's or Felisol's or Miss Patty's or Heather's or Sara's or Mrs. Mac's for my posts, I quite often go to Google on a search.
Just now it is 7:30 am and I thought a "Good Morning" would be in order.
I found this photo in "Google Images" and I have been laughing every since!
Of course I hope you know I really don't mean it but you have to admit that it is a very humorous saying!!
Shucks though!.. what does this person mean anyways......"Let The Stress Begin!" ???
That stress is already here 24..7 !

Only kidding!! Have a good day everybody and God's blessings!...Love Terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I found your picture very calm & relaxing.
I am frankly allergic to stress, so are the other members of my family. Migraine, itchy spots, foul words and reckless driving are common results of us being too hasty. Therefor we quote the Dane Piet Hein and rush slowly.
But of course, a reminder with a glimpse in the eye is always welcome.
Have a rich, easygoing day.
From Felisol

rrbj said...

Morning-Morning- MoRnInG tErRy,

What is stress used for ? I thought stress was used mostly for people to try different aproaches to get what they want ?

Grandpaw used to tell me I am going to stress you out if I didn't do what He said to do ? { A 5ft wild peachtree switch }.

Anyways a way to keep from getting stressed is to always go to bed with a happy smile and you wake up with it and your day will start out right ?


Mrs. Mac said...

Here's hoping you have a stress-free day, Miss Terry! Give it all to Jesus!!!

Terry said...

Aw Mrs. Mac...I was just kidding..Ha!

Ron..Dad Golden well knows about those swithes!
Gramma Golden used to make him go and pick his own switch out to get a licking!
And before she spanked him ,she would heat up the switch!!
Oooo! Hurt..Pain and Agony!!

Yes Felisol, we are having an easy going day.
You sitll haven't told me what Justin thought of your pictures and Lil Pilgrim is no where to be found!......Love Terry

Pat said...

Very good picture Terry - some days that sign fits my life perfectly! Hope your days are stress free, and if they aren't just take a deep breath and give them over to Jesus!
It is encouraging to see you didn't "lift" this off of someone elses page! tee hee!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Lil PP has tried to translate, but alas she's way off...

You have made so many beautiful pics yourself and nobody compares to your scarp booking technique.
I'm always flattered when you choose some from my site to develop further.
Give my best to your Dad Golden, Mom G and Bernie.
Hugs from your Felisol

passing-thru said...

U sound good Terry !

Blessings on U my friend

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Did you know 'DESSERTS' is 'stressed' spelt backwards??

No wonder i'm getting fatter everyday.

Have a good weekend!

Terry said...

Amelia...You are NOT fat!!

Thanks for letting me use your post about "waiting"...Love Terry

Saija said...

made me chuckle in agreement! isn't that the way of it sometimes!