Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy "Earl-lated Anniversary Jel And Stan!

Now, I know that it is a few days early, but I wanted to get a head start on Jel's special day.
The first day of July is her and her darlin's anniversary.
I thought that if I put Bernie's and my congratulations ahead of time that everybody could make it over to Jel's sunshine blog on Sunday to wish her the best of the day.
What anniversary card could be better than THAT;
Warm congrats from all of her blogging family that love her!
Much happiness from all of her blogging family that she has been such an encouragement to!
And thanks from those of her blogging family who have "borrowed" so many of her scripture verse pictures for their own purposes.
In fact, the sweetheart photo here that I have placed into an autumn Ontario sunset was lifted by yours truly from Jel's site!
All the best to you Jan and Stan and may the Lord continue to shine on you and to bless you!
You can find Jel and Stan at


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, what a lovely anniversary card! You are a sweetheart, and a people person I think...I am much more outgoing as I get older but have 'wall flower' roots at heart. I'm having so much fun this summer, spinning is a wonderful thing and I'm learning so much. I got to go to a spinning group as a guest recently..(I should have posted about it!) about 15 ladies made a large circle on the hostesses lawn, most with our spinning wheels and 'spun' the day away. We also had a tour of her beautiful flower garden to. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

passing-thru said...

Happy Anniversary !

Terry does such a good job of remembering and doing something about it --

jel said...

I came over to see how you are!

Thanks for the reminder, I don't want to forget it again~~~

and thank you for the card :)


donna said...

I shall remember to go visit her....

how are you feeling?


Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry ... Well, Dh flew away this morning ... so I guess Bernie won't be wearing a "set of matching bracelets" after all. Tell him to watch his step though ... cuz the hills and walls have eyes ;) You are such a little cleptomaniac with lifting pictures here and there ... but you're so honest about your weakness and bring such sunshine into your friends lives that you must be forgiven a hundredfold ;) Now I will have to go visit Jel.

Judas Hate said...

Thanks Terry:-)

Love, Justin

Saija said...

awww ... 18 years eh ... you are such a smart girl to copy & paste their pics on pic! and i'm glad you reminded jel! *grin*

hebrews 11:1 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May you continue to grow closer to eachother and closer to the Lord!

The lil Pilgrim Pal

rrbj said...

Janice and Stan hope everything in ya'll dreams and plans come true ?
Wishing ya'll many more years of happiness .

Gods Blessings.

Terry said...

Hey RRBJ and all you guys that are wishing Jel and Stan a Happy Anniversary now , just remember to go to HER blog this Sunday!
She has to have lots and lots of happy wishes that day because she is so special!!!...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Goodnight Miss Terry ... sweet dreams

Mrs. Mac said...

You have that Bernie fellow take you out for an ice cream cone after you get your stitches out tomorrow ... now get to bed ;)

Terry said...

Good night Mrs. Mac!!
Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi Terry. You should run a society page, you do so good with the BDays and anniversaries.
So it can be here too, Happy Early Anniversary, Jel and Stan!

BTW, I put a special riddle on BP's blog, just for you. It is the tie-breaker, you have been given first chance at answering.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are a wonderful body & soul reporter, spreding hope and happiness.
Hope your face is about to recover now that you've removed your stiches. Could you please post us a new picture??

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. Shirkie,

I look forward to a new photo, too. Just remember to wash the srawberry juice off your face first, this time ;) I hope all went well. I haven't found you on the Pals site, yet...It is really late so I should get to bed...Thank you for letting meknow about your dad! Silly me, I should have put something in for your mom, too! You know what's really bad? I sent those little cards to the Pilgrim, and his wife and 2 young sons, but forgot Victoria! How awful of me, and I just realized it yesterday, when he received it long time ago! I guess I'll just have to send another letter to him...think he'll mind? :)

Have a blessed evening in the Lord.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

PS Lil Montreal Girl sends her love.

Margie said...

Terry! Oh my gosh! thank you so much!! it took me a little bit to figure out it was you because there was no email address! Oh my! what a blessing you are. I am standing here in AWE!! Oh my!

Please send your address to

Jim said...

Thanks Terry, for asking me about BP. They are all out of pocket til Monday, in Vancouver. Billy said it was ok for me to do it, he reads your comments and I think it will be alright, but let's wait.
I did start with a riddle.

Terry, you haven't said much here about yourself. How are you healing, when do your stitches come out, do you still hurt, is your colour returning to normal, etc?
I know you are some better because a whole bunch of us are praying for you.

Terry said...

Dear Jim...You know I have put some more pictures on Pilgrim Pals because I don't want to make another post here until Sunday.
I want to make sure that everybody remembers to go over to Jel's this Sunday to wish her and Stan lots of Happy Anniversary wishes.
I want that little piece of Sunshine to get tons of comments because she surely deserves!!!

Yes, we will wait about BP and see what she wants to do Grampa Jim.
In the meantime, we have to pinch hit for her and keep her site ALIVE!!
She is a sweet little girl and she is doing a real good job of that blog site!.........Love Terry

PS...Sorry Jimmie boy, you will have to sing that anniversary song again on Sunday to Jan and Stan!
Just sing it to a different tune that's all!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, there you are! You are on 1 1/2 hrs. before me tonight! Run over to Pals, because Julie has a praise report...or two. :) I am up much too late, but what can I say?! My poor sisteris lying in bed listening to a football game, and occasionally flipping to see what's playing on her country station...what else is new? t's Friday nite, so I always stay up late...and sleep in on Saturday. I drive my parents NUTS doing that. not to mention my brothers and sisters think I'm crazy laying inbed till 8:30 while they've been up since 6 or 7. Aww, now I remember that I forgot to ask my mom if I an call my uncle for his birthday. Too bad she is fast asleep now. I just want to make sure he is still alive (I haven't spoken to him in over a year,a nd he lives on the brink of death with his health issues). I will ask you all to pray for him once I speak to him and hear his condition.

Okay, I better close out. Please tell Donna that I am very happy she gave me a geography lesson, because nobody has lately...I had to look up Fairport, NY on the map. I always look up cities and towns whenever I hear of them, and both Jel and Passing Thru have declined my lesson requests...:)

Have a blessed evening.

-Lil Pilgrim Pal

Karen said...

Hi Terry, we have some great trivia for you! I have been in Calgary all week and they had trivia questions in the newspaper in honor of Canada Day! BP is going to put them on her blog Monday.

We are going up to Banff tomorrow to go white water rafting.

I hope you are doing well! You answered that trivia question mighty well!


Jim said...

Thanks, Terry, I peeked over there at Pilgrim Pals. And left this:
"Ok ..., you must be eating the ice cream and leaving the strawberries. You are looking good."
And healing well.

hebrews 11:1 said...

My sister wrote a comment over at just find it :) Hope you're happy...she took over 5 min. to type it, and told me to let her comment for a change, and be quiet. :) We get along just fine...honestly!

Thanks for everything!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

I went right there and wished them a Happy Anniversary. Hope you all are doing well!!

Terry said...

Dear Sioux...You little darling you!
Here I stayed up on purpose until oneAM our time but midnight Missouri time to wish our Jel and Stan a Happy Anniversary and there you and Jim have beaten me to the draw!!
NOT nice!!!
Oh well that is alright.
Just give that Turtle a midnight kiss for me!!
Maybe Jel will email her a piece of celebration cake!...Love you...Love Terry

Hey Jim..Although we are very happy to have our very own singing telegram man, I have to tell you once again..."Don't quit your day job!..

Pat said...

I'm not about to be left out of this happy group - I'm sending Happy Anniversary wishes too! May God continue to bless your lives Jel and Stan, with all good things!
Terry, you should write a newpaper column with all the "happenings"'d be so good at it!!

jel said...

Sweet Terry,
Thank you very much for make our day! and thank you all for tthe wishes too!

and Jim has avery good singing voice! Thank you Jim!

hope ya are feeling better SweetT :)

jel said...

Terry & Bernie,
this is a thank you from , my husband

Terry said...

Aw Stan...We KNEW your hearts were full of light, already, brimming right over so much that Jel has to spread it all over the different blog sites everywhere she goes and that you allow her to do so with no complaint!....Love Terry & Bernie

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy (one day belated) Canada Day! Did you celebrate?