Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our Anniversary....March 11 1972 .. Collection of Pictures

While Bernie and the cat are still sleeping, I thought I would just put this on here to surprise them and also to see if that Bernie remembers that it is our anniversary!!!
Dad didn't remember when he phoned just like he phones every day but Wednesday but I will forgive him.....but as far as that husband of mine...We will see!!

To be continued!....MAYBE!

May you all of my dear blogging friends have a glorious Lord's Day....Love Terry


jel said...

Happy Anniversary the 2 of you! :)
you made a cute couple! and Terry you were a beau~t~ful bride! :)

hope Bernie remembers :), if not don't be to ruff on him, I forgot ours one year.

hope you have a blessed day!

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hi Terry,

Happy Anniversary to you & Bernie!!
I've been very busy lately but i have not forgotten you. :D

Have a blessed day!!


byhisgracealone said...

Happy Anniversary and many more


Sabine said...

What a lovely bride you were! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I always have to tell P when our anniversary is coming up. Do some men actually remember the date?

Terry said...

Hi Jel, Amelia, Donna, and Sabine..You know what? At 9:15 Bernie finally blirted out as we were on the way to pick up my mom for meeting,"You FORGOT our weddng anniversary!!"
He was pretty well put out and hurt about the whole thing because he was waiting for me to wish him a happy one!
Ha! I told him then, "Just wait till you get home and see the blog THEN you will know if I forgot or not!!
And you just better thank your lucky stars that YOU remembered!!

Thanks so much for coming and saying HI.
I will finish the anniversary on another posting later on tonight...Love Terry

PS I guess I will keep that Bernardo for another few years!!

susanwalkergirl said...

Oh my look so beautiful and you and Bernie look so very young!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary!

Blessings dear one!

Susan e-mail came through...but I'll e-mail you my new e-mail address.

LauraMae said...

Hi Terry!

You were such a 'chic' looking bride!!!! And are those marigolds in your bouquet??? Also....I loved seeing the picture of the church,....and the old benches!!!...just like we used to have at the church I grew up at!!

Take Care and Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! I'm sooo glad you shared pictures! They're so pretty!! What a beautiful bride you were!! And didn't Bernie look sharp!! Very, very nice, and I hope you had a very, very nice Anniversary too!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are so sweet !!!!!!!!!!! You were such a beautiful bride -- you two look so cute together !!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day !!!!!!!!
Breanna and her Mommy :)

Julie said...

Silly "ate" my first comment! What I said was...

Happy (belated) Anniversary Terry and Bernie!

Terry, you were a beautiful bride, but not as beautiful (inside and out) as 35 years of marriage has made you! Thank you for sharing some pictures of your happy day with us!

May the next 35 (!) years of marriage be as wonderful as the first 35. Hope you both had a wonderful day!

Love you!

Terry said...

Hey Susan, my kindred spirit. Bernie and I were OLD when we got married. We were both 22! Thanks for sending me your new email address. Hopefully the message got through this time..

Laura-mae, marigolds would have been nice...I didn't really know too much about flowers in those days. I think that these were mums.That Bernie never DID send me flowers...He lived in Ottawa and I lived in St Catherines, so he would just send me lots and lots of letteres.
Then when he moved to Welland to live with my family, he was too busy working steady nights and then hitch-hiking back and forth 20 miles to see me everyday to have any time at all for picking flowers!!

Thanks Morgan Denise...Your being a professional photographer and artist KNOW how you can fix up a picture. Ha!!..Did a pretty good job om myself,eh?
Bernie needed no fixing at all!

Thanks Julie and Breanna....You are way too kind!
It seems like it was just yesterday that it was you and your sweetheart's anniversary!
Love you too!......................Love Terry

Jim said...

Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!
Happy 35th anniversary (late). Congratulations!

Guess that's enough for this year. You guys sure looked younger than 22. If I were the clerk doing marriage licenses I sure would have asked for I.D.s
FWIW, who remembers the most about that day. In our family, I do.

Best wishes for many more!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh Wow what a lovely bride you were Terry! And I'd also echo what Jennifer said, "you were a beautiful bride, but not as beautiful (inside and out) as 35 years of marriage has made you!".

I also love that deep down we are all brides, brides of Christ, when it comes down to it. And your own brideship is so beautiful and inspiring!

A Very Blessed and Joyous Anniversary : ) Wendy

Terry said...

Hey Jim..."The Singing Telegram Man" himself...I can hear you singing all the way over here in Canada! It is melitng the snow!!
But you better keep your day job.. ha!

Thanks Wendy...So nice that the Christians are the bride of Christ!..........Love Terry

Saija said...

happy happy anniversary!

you were an absolutely beautiful bride, Terry ... and Bernie looked so handsome ...

big ole blessings sent your way!

SiouxSue said...

What lovely photos, Dear Terry. Lovely couple! Hope Bernie remembered! We'll get him if he didn't! Did Kitty remember, as well??

Love to you and Bernie!!

Jammie J said...

Well, well, well! Happy Anniversary! :) Hopefully you had a wonderful day together! :)

the night owl said...

Hi Terry, Sorry I missed your Anniversary!! So Happy Anniversary to you both....Thanks for stopping by my post. Baba

eija said...

There's one beautiful - and happy looking! - bride :)

Happy anniversary! Even if it's gone by now... Did he remember?

Susie said...

What lovely pictures! Happy Anniversary, and I'm sorry I'm here late!
Hope it was a wonderful day and that he remembered!

Bethany said...

I know I'm late, but I just had to wish you a 'happy anniversary,' too! What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Amber said...

Hey Terry!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I know it's late also, but isn't it so much fun looking back at your wedding pictures?? I just love to look at ppl's wedding pictures, they hold such precious memories too! Hope you have a great week! wbs! Love, Amber
-p.s. I FINALLY got a KITTY CAT!!!! check it out on my blog!-

Maggie Ann said...

What a treat to see your wedding pictures! You were a beautiful bride with a very handsome groom...Best wishs to you for always.