Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Am A Year Old*

Thanks to Noel Lewis, I got my previous posts back and I just noticed that it is a year since I started to blog...December 24, 2005!
In memory of this occasion I will not post a picture because I didn't even know HOW to until my friend Erica of "Urka's Musings" who is a friend of Morgan Denise of "A Splash of Color in Your Day" TAUGHT me how!
I am still pretty dense at some of the other things like posting links but I must tell you that two days ago, I discovered "spell check" on this thing!!
Now all I have to do is discover how to spell check my comments because as all of my blogging buddies know, I am one bad "spellar"!!. It is NOT a pretty sight!!

Hey!! Spell check just told me that "blog" is spelled wrong and wants me to replace it with bloc, Bloch, blows, bloke, blocs, block, bolos,[???], bloc's, blouse or blocky!!!
What IS a bad speller to do?


Lauren-Mary said...

Hi Terry- Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary!
Just swinging by to wish you and Bernie a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Saija said...

you do super with your posts and pictures ... pictures that i just love to see! you creative soul, you ...

hope your christmas day has been filled with joy & laughter!

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Happy "Blogger" birthday to you then! ;D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! Now you have pictures, links, and new friends, too.

Terry said...

Dear Sabine...It was no doing of mine that I have those links..Noel Lewis is putting them on for me whenver he gets some time. Pretty soon "Sunshine and Shadow" and all the others will be there too...Trust me!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

You are too funny, Terry!! It sounds like you need to forget the spell checker! :) Happy Blogging Birthday (a day late!)! :)


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Happy BLOGGING birthday!! THanks for stopping by and wishing us a Merry Christmas!!
NOPE I did not get Mr. Simon a thing. He and I are not very good friends especially since Lucy left!! He and my hubby are the friends around here. I am not well liked by him at all. He is VERY tempermental!!
I hope you had a great day..We did. Sandy

Jammie J. said...

Congratulations on making it a year! :)
I love how spell checkers are kind of hit and miss like that. So funny. :)

Goldwings said...

Congratulations on your year of blogging.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hello Terry, Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, yay! Its especially lovely how you have chronicled the whole circle of the year with your images and reflections...

Just saw your links, thank you for linking to me, I appreciate that very much! You've been linked on mine too, its been under art journals : )

A Blessed Christmas Season : ) Wendy

curious servant said...

happy blogivaersary!

Noel Lewis said...

Happy Holidays to you, my friend.

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry...wishing you a super, extra, mega Happy 1st Blog Anniversary. I'm ever so glad you've learned over this past year to post addition to your sweet, fun and touching glimpses into your life.

To quote Hugh on!

Blessings dear Terry! Susan

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogger Birthday! Me and Ty are SO glad you've made it a year. What would we do without our Canadian blogger??? Pray for little Ty, he's been having a time with him little teeth. The past four days he's run a temperature and is chewing like crazy on anything he can get his hands on. Poor baby! Love, The family in the little white house! Jessica and Ty

jel said...


Maggie Ann said...

Merry Christmas Terry! Hope your week is chock full of fun and relaxation. Spellcheck comes in handy at times, thats for sure. How nice to have a blog. It opens up the world to us ..doesn't it. I've had more smiles on my face sitting at this computer than I'd ever have imagined possible. Thanks for being one of my blessings. And, please give your Lady Katherine my best Christmas wishs for a blessed Holiday! Just noticed you have more stuff in your nice =). Thanks for including me..*hugs*

curious servant said...

Thank you for dropping by. It is an interesting picture, I think.

Jel is sweet. She does seem to be pretty busy.

I have quite a few Canadian readers. I like their take on things.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by Terry. I hope to visit here frequently.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweets, Very nice!
Here I am at the computer downloading Media 11 and deleting your email, while you are at work.
Love Bernie...

Terry said...

Dear Bernie...You better NOT be deleting my email!
I already lost about 50 from last week!...You behave yourself while I am at Miss Katy's!!...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy one year old blogging birthday!! Say hello to Miss Katy for me. And take some lovely pictures. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You are such a dear friend. Love, Mrs. Mac

jel said...


T ERRY! :p

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dearest Mrs. Shirkie,

Hello! How are you and Mr. Shirkie, and your parents doing? I miss all the Pals soooo much, and I keep reading up every so often, but it upsets me so, that I want to comment, but feel held back to for personal reasons. Please tell Mrs. Butler I love reading her posts, and miss her blog terribly, because I liked to write her a lot! And please tell Mr. Fisher I really have enjoyed his encouraging, thought-provoking, and cheering posts. I will get by sometime and thank Pilot Mom for her encouraging words to me...she made me cry, but it was a good kind of cry.

Oh, and now that I am here, can you please delete your note at Mrs. Ljung's? Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please be patient if it takes me awhile to write back. Thank you.

God bless you RICHLY,

Terry said...

Here is the address...

Julie Foran [and Noah]
Somerset Towers
620-2045 Carling Avenue
K2A 1G5....Mrs. Shirkie

Anonymous said... I've got to find a pencil and paper and copy that off ;) Thank you!

Do your parents live on King street? SHHH! I'm sending your mom a special surprise for her birthday...;)


Anonymous said... I've got to find a pencil and paper and copy that off ;) Thank you!

Do your parents live on King street? SHHH! I'm sending your mom a special surprise for her birthday...;)


hebrews 11:1 said...

Awww, Mrs. Shirkie, you disappointed didn't post something special for Remebrance/Veteran's Day! :) We went to the parade last week, and again this week in Montreal...then we went to MissionFest, which I could live at all 3 days it's open if I could! ;) I love it there, just talking to brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing about God's work. Every time I saw an Ontario ministry I thought of you ON Pals ;)

Please allow me to correct your Spanish grammar...LM is a "Pequeno Missionario" not a "Poco"....Poco means small amount, pequeno means little ;) Sometimes you need an Espanola to check your babelfish results...giggle, giggle :)

I hope you've had as excellent a Sunday as I've had...I almost dread tomorrow, because the Devil mst be so mad, I think I am going to have a hard me of it tomorrow. Well, he has already gotten me on the count of writing the Alouttes...they lost today, before I could write them. I am not too pleased with that, but I live by faith!

God bless you richly,

Terry said...

Sorry Hebrews but my Spanish phrase was correct. I took three years of Spanish in college...
Google it youself and you will see!!!
"little missionary"...poco misionero

English isn't the only language that can say the same thing in more than one way.
Look at Google language tool...

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mrs. Shirkie, I was not convinced but was going to drop it, when Sister says to me, "Even if it were poco,(and I'm not convinced) she has to put it backwads, being Spanish, like Frnch is BACKWARDS)" What LMG means, and I the elder one forgot, is that you would say "misionero poco" get it? I'm not saying that you're Spanish is bad...I've never had the education, but I was born into the language...LMG only knew Spanish until she was 18 mos. old! I think Sunshine was Spanish until 2 y.o.!

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

UHOH! If I could delete that last one, I would...I am wrong, it is NOT supposed to be backwards in this case...still pequeno, though...I have a spanish book that I've had since I was little that is called, "La Pequena Mama"...and I have heard frequently "pequena princessa" it is not backwards in this instance. Sorry about that! ;)

I hope you still love me, even if I pester you on your Spanish ;)

I love you lots! Did you get my letter yet?


Terry said...

Yes I did get your letter...Thanks so much...
Did you check google language tool yet?
There is no way that I am going to take the picture of Little Missionary, Julie out because the spelling is not wrong..
I would try to correct it if it was but it isn't!!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, the online language tools are not very dad has been seen laughing heartily at what it tells us when we use it...which is rare, just whenever he isn't available to give us the correct Spanish. :) I actually looked it up in our dictionary, and it backed up my conclusion, but it REALLY DOESN'T MATTER, does it?! Your post was so nice, and no one knows the wording is not 100% correct Spanish...besides, Latin American Spanish can be so slang as compared to the Spanish from Spain, so your wording may be perfect for some latin-american country or other! ;)

Did you find my article online?? LMG just wrote one, but her name is included in the text with the editor's note within her article.

Oh, Google is getting TOO does not even have to sign up for an account, it recogizes that I am signed in to our Google home page account, and it asks me if I want to sign off with it!! It is just a single letter...I don't know exactly how I got it that way, either!

How terrible of me...I thought it was your mom's birthday yesterday, and it was your dad's!!! I feel awful...I have not sent off the postcard yet, however. DO they live on King Street?? My memory is probably bad from late nights work on my aunt's website. It is coming along, though. I'd love to give it to you, so you can add any Chrsitian events or Bible studies in your area (for free), but...well, I never keep secrets well, so I just might give you the site if you promise not to contact my aunt or tell anyone that is my aunt...she has only one sister in Canada and certainly only one with 5 children! and only one neice working on her site, unfortunately...the others are too busy. I am sure she and Pilgrim probably know some people in common...her magazine wrote on some Christian athletes, and she encouraged me to write on some, too. We'll see...

Do I write too much??? How long did it take you to read my letter, or did you just speed read it??? ;) Hey, it took me OVER a week to write it!!!

Love and Prayers,

Terry said...

Yes Little Pilgrim Pal..It did take quite a while to read your letter and I didn't speed read it either. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mom and Dad Golden live on Willson Road..
Write all you want. I enjoy it!!..Love Mrs. Shirkie

I miss my Little Montreal Girl

Anonymous said...

Hi, sweetie!
LMG missed you, too...but she is very bad about managing her time, so when the opportunity arises to get on her, she is busy elsewhere.

Did Mrs. Gaines pass on the news about my dad? I have more news...his colonoscopy will be Wed. He is at the dr. right now, so we might have mor enews when he gets home...tings are moving quickly FINALLY! We children are praying that Friday will be free, because we want to drive down to Plattsburg, and go SHOPPING AS A FAMILY! That would be a treat, especially the dollar is good. However, Daddy is working from home today (when he is home), and Wed. he can't we'll have to see if they decide to pay him and if they will give him a vacation day.

Yesterday I anounced that I was going to sleep downstairs due to the environmental problem in my bedroom...oh, let me backtrack...I've had mildew growing rampant in my room (along the base of the walls) for a few years now, and it is now even in my parents' room. We were arned 2 or 3 years ago that it causes cancer, etc., and the walls should be torn down and replaced immediately. We didn't have the money for it...fastforward a year or two, and the doctor and the naturopath both tell me I will never recover from my yeast infection as long as that mildew grows in my room. Through God's grace, I recovered a few weeks ago, almost completely, I believe, and then it came back with a vengeance. I am concerned that this is what has caused my mom health problems and now my dad. At any rate, I've had enough of this draining symptom after 2 weeks straight, so I decided I would sleep on the couch n the basemeant last night. My parents suggested I go to Abuelos' that's where I slept last night, and will again tonight, I think. I am a BIG BABY...I love my bed, my pillow, my room, my home, and I never sleep over anywhere. Last year I slept over at a friend's home while babysitting, and when they got back at midnight, I went home to sleep the rest of the night in my own bed. It is a VERY temporary solution, because I'm not sleeping there for the rest of my life at home, but I'll try this to see if it will make the symptom cease.

Enough said for now...

God bles you richly,

Terry said...

Hi LPP....Yes, Vicki sent me the letter and I sent it to everyone on the list snd most everybody so far has written back and said that they are praying for your dad. Even Mr. Jim and Laura-mae wrote.

It is too bad about all that mildew.That is a bad thing. Is there a cheaper way of getting rid of it?
Do your parents own the house or rent?
I suppose if they were renting, you could get the landlord to do something.
When my sister Grace vacated their apartment withiout giving the two months notice that the law makes you do, well the landlady took them to court to sue them for the rent, and they never knew that we were armed with tons of picutres of the place to show the judge for evidence....Well the judge threw the case right out of court, the landlady ddin't get the two months rent, she had to pay the court costs and to top it all off, the judge ordered her to pay for the picture developing!!!
The landlady's face was not a pretty sight to be looking at when the judge told her THAT!

Well I hope that your sleeping somewhere different will make you better again.
It was nice to know that you were feeling well and now you aren't again?

If you want to go to another "old" post you can if you think that this is gettng crowded.
Tell my Little Montreal Girl that I still love her even though she has no time for me
Sniffle..sniffle!...Ha! Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, Mrs. Shirkie,

Now I rembered where you put that addy!! My memory is finally coming back...I think. It helps that there is a little less stress, I think!

Now I just need to find a pencil and paper...or didn't I already say thta?! And this week my sister and I ar supposed to put together two projects (the playoffs keep us busy, especially when it looks like OTT might be eliminated so soon, and LMG won't let me miss a season of theirs!).

Love and Prayers,