Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"A Weed By Any Other Name"

These are just like "Bouquets from God"

I know that they are just weeds but on my client's palace grounds, they look so pretty and as there are really no more flowers being planted and there is no longer a gardener, it seems only fitting that the Lord would make up pretty colorful "flower" arrangements for the lady of the house to look at through her closed windows.


Urka said...

The Yarrow and Goldenrod remind me of home! It seems we don't have many wildflowers in this part of the country except in early spring. In KY we had them year round!

Maggie Ann said...

I like your 'bouquets from God' and indeed they are just that. I love the way God has created such beauties in earth and heavens for the rich and poor alike. Things money just can't buy...a gift from God. And..thanks for telling me about the Love Comes Softly movies, I am going to look for them at our Walmart for sure. The books sound good too. Hope you are having a really good day...better go check the chili...(I cooked tonight...=))

Saija said...

yes, they look lovely in the pic! and your photo's in the previous post are just stunning too ... you have "the eye"!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I have no idea...Ostrich..emu...it is just a picture that I thought was cute..I would say Ostrich...but he is a sweetie anyhow...Sandy

David Warren Fisher said...


I'm sorry I'm posting so much. You have a great "eye for weeds" so maybe you can "weed out" my posts that aren't so good and save some time.

And...if you're bored out of your mind tomorrow morning, you could come over to the Days Inn on the QEW (it used to be called Prudhomee's) and say hi to our sons Matthew and Nathan and me. We're staying there tonight.

Have a great weekend!


David Warren Fisher said...
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Terry said...

Dear David..The only reason I removed your last comment is that it was a repeat of the previous one!!

Anyways it is very tempting to meet your family at Prudummes but I have to work tomorrow!!

Shucks, I almost drive right by there but I get off at Seveneth Avenue.

Otherwise I would of at least beeped hello when I drove by!!

Do NOT stop any of your postings, They are all good and are NEVER boring!!...from Terry

Ha! I do have a great eye for weeds,eh?
Well I won't be weeding THEM out or weeding your comments out either any time soon! So there!!
[although I DID have to weed out that extra comment of yours!]