Friday, February 24, 2006

Special Gospel Series Results

It has been a while since I have posted! The days have been very busy!
After four weeks of the gospel meetings, we were very pleased to know of at least three people who have been saved and are now on their way to Heaven: Two young girls and a young man.
The story of the young man is particularly interesting. He came to two meetings with one of his friends. After he was home the second time he came, while he was walking his dog, he noticed an open gate. And instanlty he thought. "The door is still open, but it will be closing. I better get inside before it DOES close!" The preacher had been speaking about the Door to Heaven [the Lord Jesus is that Door]!! Needless to say that although the young man had come to two meetings, NOT born again, on the third night that he came, he was a child of God!
For this we give the Lord all the glory!

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