Monday, February 27, 2006

March Day In February?

This Saturday was like a cold windy March day at work. I almost froze but I just had to run outside with my camera, in hand, to capture the beauty of the churning silver waves, the bare wind-blown trees under the heavy black, sulking clouds! And, because this still picture would be forever silent, I put my camera setting on video and recorded the whole beautiful, but noisy scene. The little lady of the house was so excited when she sat down for supper to view, and to listen to the loveliness of it all on a quick DVD that I had made for her!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Such a pretty picture Terry, although it looks freezing cold!!!

Anonymous said...

You're a real good writer Terry. I love those descriptions. It is like reading L.M. Montgomery. The picture matches the words.

Love Grace

Anonymous said...

Terry, what an awsome picture!
I can only imagine this view in the summer when all is green and full of life!

Anonymous said...

Hello, dearest Pals,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the news I bear is nothing new to us on Pals…we have seen the disease, we daily pray for those among us with it…my dad has cancer. It is in his colon, and his ankle (actually the bone) is apart of it, too. Some big long word I can’t remember…but it comes from the cancer in his colon. There is a verse in Psalms that says something like, “What can I say? My hope is in the Lord,” and that is what I feel like. God began preparing me for it last week when I found myself humming, “Skin”…for those of you who don’t know country music, it is a beautiful song about a girl with leukemia, sung by Rascall Flatts. The song will make you cry, though! I wondered why I was suddenly humming it, but I moved on. Last night we found out Daddy has a tumor in his colon, and they are doing a biopsy on it. I felt like crying, and I didn’t know why. All morning I felt like crying, and then I finally went away to the basement bathroom, andcried to God. I am SO tired of being behind on my housework, having no energy, watching my siblings with all these doctor’s appointments. I am spent, and feel like just sitting around all day today, but my parents have been gone since 8AM, and I have to pick up the slack. We constantly get phone calls (which I love!!! It is a big deal among us children when the telephone rings, so it only happened a few times a day before all this) from family and friends asking for updates, and assuring us of their prayers. We occasionally receive e-mails, too, from friends. But I may be selfish, but I would love if someone just dropped by to say HI; to help watch us for a few hours maybe (especially as my brothers are being very stubborn and rebellious as their way of showing their uneasiness with this situation); I long for that human contact, for Christian fellowship. The family we were home-churching with has found a lovely congregation, and so we are on our own again. Am I sounding like self-pity? Sometimes I wonder if that’s what it is…
My mom just told me right now of the news…she called to let me know how much longer they’d be gone, and I pressed her for details. She asked me if I was ready, and I said, yes. It didn’t phase me, but just now as I typed that I recalled vividly when my dad had a stroke a few years back. I called a friend to let her know, and she, a mother of ten, took the time to talk things out with me. I told her I only wanted him at my wedding, to walk me down the aisle, because if he wasn’t there, who would? I only want my grandparents to live to see my wedding, too (they are 85 and 87), and then I will want them to see their first great-grandchild. But I never thought I would wonder if my dad could possibly not be there for me…of all the cancers, I dislike colon cancer the most, because it is one of the fastest killing…but I bear fresh in my mind Pat Burns. My sister and I prayed for him so much after his diagnosis, and he has beaten the disease thus far. All things are possible with God. I will not waver, I will not stumble, I will press on, my eyes set on my Savior, whose outstretched arms I will run into, and be forever comforted and at peace. I only wish I could squeeze a human hand for just one moment, just squeeze it tight, and let the tears run down my cheeks, and I will be fine for eternity. That is the way I face things…I did it with my dear grandfather, with our kitten, with so many that passed on…I just cried out my heart, and when God called them home I didn’t cry, I just moved on. It only didn’t work for Mrs. Taylor, and I don’t know why, but I still get teary-eyed at the mention of her name, and miss her a lot. Am I rambling? I am sorry. I can’t tell my siblings the news, my mom told me to wait until they get home, so I am glad to pour out my thoughts to someone. Tomorrow I will call my best friend, actually my only local friend who is a Christian, and then I will probably feel a whole lot better.

My mom said they are marking my dad’s ankle for radiation at 1:30, and they may or may not do it then. He will need chemo next, to make sure there isn’t any other cancer elsewhere in his body. I hate the thought of chemo…but I pray it will do him good, and no evil.

I love you all dearly, you who have been such a source of encouragement for me. I only wish I can call you, and speak with you…tell you what: why don’t you pray that I can communicate with you? Or rather you with me? And I will ask my dad when I get a chance? Okay? God bless you richly.

Thank you for your prayers!

Clinging to Hebrews 11:1 faith and
Resting in Psalm 37’s promises,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Anonymous said...

Oh, I pray this will reach LP since I do not have an email address for her...

(((LP))) My heart is filled to overflowing for you and your family. I must admit I am not surprised. After reading all about his symptoms awhile back I wondered. However, I do want to offer you hope! We have a very dear friend, the father of our son's girlfriend, who suffered from colon cancer back in 2000. He had some close calls I will confess however, today he is cancer free and doing very well health wise.

Know that the Lord allows things to happen for a reason. We may not understand it but I think about Stephen, who dearly loved the Lord and was such a strong influence in the early church. Yet God allowed him to stoned to death. We in our humanness would think that was so awful. Yet in his last moments of life Stephen was praying. He was praying that there would be a tremendous change of heart among these people who desired his death. We know the greatest miracle of all is a new birth of our heart for Christ. And God, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to allow Stephen's stoning for His glory. For in the crowd, there was a "keeper of the coats" so to speak, who watched and even condoned Stephen's death. A short while later that man had his own spiritual birth on the road to Damascus. And Saul, later Paul, had one of the largest influences on the Christian church in history.

Of course, we can look back on Stephen/Paul because we have God's Word. Because I am still traveling this road of cancer with my husband, I can say with certainty that He is faithful. His is faithful in His provision, His care, His comfort. He strengthens you through the difficult times, and trust me, there are difficult times.

Know that I will continue to pray for your father, your mother, you and your siblings. Each of you have different needs as a result of the relationship you have with your father. Trust the Lord to work mightily within your family unit. I bet as you watch you will be amazed at the blessings which He will send your way. Oh, they may be small blessings on some days, but still blessings none the less. Other days there will be huge blessings which can take your breath away.

I will pray for courage, for a sacrificial love on your part, a servant's heart, and a sensitive spirit to the needs of others. In turn, I will pray that others will see your needs and reach out to you in love, support and caring.

I am here. Always available, either thru emailing through others or directly, which ever way you are most comfortable. I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a big old hug but know that I am sending hugs through cyberspace! After all, our God can do anything!!! :)

In His Grip,
Claire/Pilot Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mrs. Shirkie...if you'd like to pass on any more, it would certainly bless me. I've had not time to comment anywhere...hardly time for here, either!!

I wrote Pilot Mom back.

Love and prayers,