Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well, I thought I would color my blog up a little bit by putting these three naughty dogs into a fall picture. These dogs were so lively News Eve that I thought they needed a rest! Their Uncle Bernie was plain worn out by the time we got home.I should put HIM into a tree too!!At the moment he and "Shopping News", his cat are sawing logs!!! I guess that is as close to a tree that THEY will get!


Anonymous said...

oooooh! I love the picture of that little lane ... it's beautiful !!!!! And the dogs are so cute !!!!

Administrator said...

Jo That little lane is Katy's road heading out to the main road. I love it too and the picture that Morgan painted looks just like it! Hopefully Little Katy will be leaving the hospital and heading DOWN this road to her own home again next week! Love Terry

Those dogs ARE cute but they are little monsters!!

Anonymous said...

So cute, Terry!!! That's halarious about Bernie and Shopping sawing logs, too!! :D