Monday, October 08, 2012

Autumn Says Goodbye to a Ruby Tuesday Summer

ruby tuesday on a monday...tomorrow i will be very busy packing for a trip to the united states..betty and rachel and i will be heading out to michagan to visit some kindrid spirits.
i decided to take a few photos of our garden before the trip..the cold weather is already beginning and so i fear that the flowers will be pretty well gone away for the fall and won't be coming back for a few months.
this will be the last pretty flower to be showing her little head!
the burning bushes are still shimmering in their ruby glory and i am sure they will be sticking around for a few more weeks.
the big blue sunday school van offered to take bernie and me for a tour of the city and allow us to take some autumn pictures, but before we left there was something for us to do....
with the cool weather coming on us so fast, bernie felt we had better get the indoor plants from off of the veranda and put them where they belonged a warm house..alas though!...their spaces have been loaded with so much junk which needs to be cleared in the meantime, their temporary dwelling must be in the bathtub!
the little red car had its nose all out of join again!...after all wasn't it his job to be escorting the mr and mrs. around town...that blue sunday school van was getting way too forward these days!....oh lonesome me!
although many of the trees in the niagara penicular are still wearing their spring coats, we did see the wonderful red clothed tree...perfect for a ruby tuesday!
this fence in a backyard of a store is a pretty sight with the fall foilage..fall colours and clinging vines that beautify even the decrepit fence and old tires!
on our way to see some city gardens, we saw this silver stream..
and these spring? dandelions!....
and how sad...a fallen leaf,  with its face smothered in the ground..
the fall trees surrounding the gardens seem to be saying so long to the lovely flowers but it seems that the flowers are defying the trees and telling them that it is NOT over yet!
the big blue van took us to one more spot before delivering us safely home...the pumpkins are very small this year but it was still worth while taking a few photo shots of them.
now this is as mrs. mac calls him" that bernie fella"  will be waitng at home for me!...i just hope he and the little red car stay out of trouble![yeh sure!] Happy ruby tuesday everybody and happy thanksgiving day!! terry


audrey` said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you too :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Felisol said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you too my bestest friend.
Thanks for the grand tour to your city gardens. They are impressive, still so many beautiful flowers.
Bernie is a wonderful man, taking all your chores upon his shoulders when you're gone. I know you'll have the best of reunions and that he's getting you back renewed and vital in every way.
My very best to the precious Mom and Dad golden, I love them so highly.

jel said...

happy Thanksgiving,

hope ya have a safe and fun trip!

DrillerAA09 said...

We had our first hard freeze last night, so the leaves will be changing soon and the colors of fall will dominate the landscape. It will indeed be a farewell to a most hot and dry Ruby Tuesday summer. Well done.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful captures!

Visiting from Ruby Tuesday .
My RT Post
Your comment is always appreciated!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank you for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday 2. You are one of the many special people who make this meme a success. Hope to see you again next week!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Ruby Desert Blossoms

eJoops Cottrill said...

Beautifully taken!

Ruby at Gas Station
Your comment will be so much appreciated.

Liz said...

Beautiful shots.

Ruby Tuesday

Jada's Gigi said...

So nice to see one of your lovely posts filled with your interesting photos. it seems its been a while. :) My burning bushes are still green...but soon...they will be aflame like yours. See you tomorrow!!

Saija said...

hope you guys had a wonderful time ... will be thinking of you all!!!!! (hugs)

p.s. i still can't post pics on my blog - blogger won't let me - what's a girl to do ?

Amrita said...

Hi Terry , enjoy the autumn tour with you in the blue bus, Poor Red Riding hood looks sad, maybe she needed a rest.
I know you had a lovely time in Mich with the sister.
Trust Mom & Dad Golden are well Take care Love, Amrita

Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely tour Miss Terry. I see that Bernie Fella has been kept busy! I'm sure you are settled into your routine after such a grand meeting in Michigan with the sisters. You are loved and missed already! Love ..