Saturday, January 23, 2010

David Brian Golden, Our Beloved

while you listen to this beautiful hymn as you scroll down the page, i want to tell you about how my brother, david's life changed in his last two years on this earth.
david was always a sweet boy but when he entered high school, his life became very sad. there was a group of bullies who really treated him bad and so he never completed his education.
he would do newspapers to supplement his disability pension. he was a friend to the wild birds and he fed the stray cats and he was a kind person to the so called 'rif raf" people of the town.he brought clothing to poor families who were in need.
well one day there were special gospel meetings come to welland and david was gloriously saved when he met the friend of sinners, the lord jesus.
david's life was completely changed.
he decided to go back to school as an adult student. you see he had never learned to read.
he really liked the teacher who was teaching him and really wanted her to know the lord but he was a very shy person..
i want to tell you about one of the last conversations that i had with david, before he passed away.
"terry, guess what?"
"i have asked my teacher to help me read verses in the bible and she is and she doesn't suspect a thing.!
i am hoping that she will be reading the words and she will find out about jesus and she will be saved and she doesn't suspect a thing!"
now david in his adult life was never one to laugh but when i heard him chuckling after he told me this story, it was music to my ears..."she never suspected a thing!"
at david's funeral, there was standing room only as the family, the street people, the employees and the boss from the newspaper company and the teachers from his school and THAT teacher all gathered to say their farewells to david and while they gathered, the gospel was poured into their ears. who knows how many of those people will have heeded that gospel and will be in heaven!
so, although i really miss david, i know that he is safe and happy in heaven...and that he left a very good testimony of his life.
january 20 marks the 13th year that our beloved david brian said his farewells to us and stepped into heaven.

david was born in rivers, manitoba and so he was a prairie boy.
gracie and he are here greeting dad golden as he came home from those days dad golden never wanted his picture taken and i begged him to let me take it..."dad, i will give you two dollars if you let me take it" and he agreed and he TOOK it! now that was eight hours worth of babysitting that i worked so hard for but he TOOK it and i TOOK him with my this day, i am glad that he did since i have this great picture now of my baby brother david..
when david was born, mom golden named him "paul".
dad golden said, "he is not going to be called a bible name! we will call him DAVID!!
dad golden has softened the last thirty years toward the bible and i am glad.
this is david with his favourite sister, gail. those two kids had always been close!
this family picture was taken a year before betty left home.
here her second sister looks very grouchy, but for a good reason.
i really wanted to be holding that baby david brian golden!
this was the last picture that was taken of our family in rivers, manitoba.
betty had all ready flown the coop and moved to trenton, ontario.
little david and baby karen would be leaving the good old prairies behind and be moving to ottawa where dad golden had been stationed.
when the goldens lived in ottawa,there was a great beach down the street from the air force base, and mom golden quite often took the little kids down for a swim.
if you notice david stays pretty near to gail. those two were very close!
that david is giving his big sister a hard time and he is laughing about it!
what is a person to do?

this was one of the last "the whole family" picture of dad and mom golden and their nine kids. this was taken at gracie's wedding...i just wonder how much eric robert[gracie's husband] had to pay dad golden to take this picture!


Saija said...

regardless of the amount of years that go by, we never ever forget those "loves of our heart" do we?


Mrs. Mac said...

What a nice memorial post Miss Terry. I bet you are glad you paid Dad Golden 2 bucks for that picture!

Crown of Beauty said...

what a lovely post, dear Terry. I love those pictures, the memories, the stories that they tell... and I really love the name's a Bible name after all, isn't it?

Thank you for taking time to post all those pics! So precious.


jel said...

sounds like he was very bro,and friend to all!


maryt/theteach said...

A wonderful story about your brother, David, Terri. He had a beautiful voice! :)

Terry said...

thank you mary t...this man does have a great voice. i think he used to sing with the kingsmen quarter.
the song he is singing reminded me so much of my brother's story and that is why i put it terry

maryt/theteach said...

I'm sorry Terry, I thought that was your brother David by the label...dumb ol' me! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. You know I appreciate it. You know I loved the story about your brother... :)

akumangkok said...

This is a beautiful piece that u wrote, Terry.


Constance said...

A sweet tribute Terry! My stepbrother passed away 3 years ago and the hardest part is seeing Pop go through this. He carries guilt and grief wrapped up tightly together and sometimes the sadness that is NOW in his eyes breaks my heart!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I think this must be the only post I've missed in all the time we have been blog pals and best friends.
How could I?
This is the most heart tearing and heart warming story you have ever written.
I knew that the death of your brother David almost ripped his Dad Golden's heart to pieces.I now can see why.
David must have been his child of hurt and pain as well as love and pride.
There's nothing worse than watching your child suffer unrightfully, nothing that can make a grown man feel vulnerable like a baby.
I bet you all were thrilled when David cast his burdens off and started on his new life.
And then he was ind of ripped away once more.
How that must have made your aching hearts bleed once more.
We of course now that David (talk about might Biblical name, Dad Golden), is with Jesus now, and feel nothing but joy.
The rest of the family feel the emptiness and can't help but mourn for their dear son and brother.
Just like I'm missing my beloved dad today. It's his birthday...
Neither shall I, neither will I stop missing him.
He meant that much to me.
Just like your brother David still means to you.
I just love the story about how he made his teacher read the Bible.
You are a bunch of gifted and shrewd siblings.
Hugs from Felisol

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, I was going through some of your blogs and came upon this one! What a lovely tribute to a dear brother and friend!! That is pretty smart of him how he got his teacher to read the bible and only eternity will reveal the results! I bet David chose gospel verse!
Love and Hugs, Leona